Moment mass brawl erupts outside Wetherspoons between three women who batter each other with FLIP FLOPS

One man's T-shirt was ripped to shreds as three tanked-up women wrestled each other to the ground before a baying crowd of onlookers.

The outrageous three minute clip – thought to have been filmed on Saturday August 4 in Bradford's Centenary Square – begins with a blonde woman lying face-down on the pavement with a man in a ripped black T-shirt standing over her.

The man walks off to collect his missing shoe before the woman attempts to follow him as he makes a beeline for two female pals.

She then sparks a mass brawl by punching one of the women in the FACE – before wrestling another to the pavement.

One onlooker yells “let go of her hair” as the pair roll on the ground.

The crowd then roar with delight when the blonde woman is pinned down – with two more passers-by soon joining in.

After being torn apart, two of the women attempt to grab each other – with one tearing off her flip-flop and walloping her rival over the head with it.

She screamed: "You b****! Don't you cross my path again"

The first woman replied "F*** off you c***" – sparking astonished gasps from the crowd.

The video cuts as three men pile in to stop the fight restarting.

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