Notre Dame: How old is Notre Dame cathedral? Will it be saved?

Paris has begun to grieve for the loss of Notre Dame, as a raging fire courses through the building with no sign of stopping. Residents in the city have crowded around one of the city’s oldest landmarks singing Ave Maria. The enduring symbol of Frech literary and architectural achievement may be lost, according to firefighters. The next hour remains critical for Notre Dame’s future. 

How old is Notre Dame cathedral?

Notre Dame cathedral is one of France’s greatest national monuments. 

The founding cornerstone of the monument was laid in the 12th century, 1163AD.

The cathedral was completed in 1345. 

Will Notre Dame be saved?

Jean-Claude Gallet, commander general of the Paris Fire Brigade said the next hour-and-a-half will tell whether the cathedral can be saved or not.

He said: “There’s a risk that the great bell falls.

“If the bell falls, it’s the tower that collapses. There are firefighters inside and outside.”

“The next hour and a half will be crucial.

“We need to win this battle and block the spreading of the flames.

“The most efficient action is from the inside.

“We are not sure if we will be able to stop the spreading of the flames to the North Tower.”

Firefighters are risking their lives to ensure the cathedral can be preserved. 

One fireman who was battling the blaze has been confirmed as “seriously injured” according to officials. 

However, Paris’ mayor says firefighters could save the cathedral’s main towers.

When the fire can be stopped however remains another question altogether. 

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