‘Offgrid’ mum whose child weed on This Morning gives birth

‘Offgrid’ mother whose one-year-old daughter weed on This Morning gives birth to third child in water bath at home without pain relief or midwife (and her new daughter has a unisex name)

  • Adele Allen appeared on This Morning with her daughter, who urinated on set
  • Ostara, one, urinated on the set’s rug while Ulysses, five, jumped on the sofa  
  • Family shunned mainstream education & did not set boundaries for the children
  • Allen revealed on Instagram she has given birth to a baby daughter in September
  • She listed the conventional methods which she shunned, including vaccinations
  • Allen’s new baby daughter’s name is Kai Autumn, which translates as ‘the sea’

An ‘off-grid’ mother whose daughter urinated on the set of ITV’s This Morning has given birth to her third child in a water bath without pain relief.

Adele Allen, from Hove, East Sussex, announced the arrival of Kai Autumn on her Instagram page.

Allen has been an outspoken critic of modern medicine and used her social media to lambast ultrasounds and vaccinations.

Adele Allen confirmed in a post on Instagram that she had given birth to a baby girl, which she named Kai Autumn

Mrs Allen shared a picture of her child with the placenta still attached after the birth

Mrs Allen revealed she refused to allow her newborn child get a Vitamin K shot, which helps prevent against blood diseases for newborn

She revealed she refused to allow her newborn get a Vitamin K shot, which helps prevent against blood diseases for newborns.

In her online post, Mrs Allen, in her 30s, wrote: ‘Introducing the latest addition to the unconventional tribe, our new baby girl Kai Autumn.

‘Her name is unisex and means the sea in Hawaiian. As we have shared so much of our lives and family over the past few years, we chose to keep the journey of this third pregnancy private and out of the public eye. 

‘I have no doubt that many people would have had positive well wishes but unfortunately there is always the negative as well which our growing baby needed to be protected from. 

‘Kai was born just before the autumn equinox at home, in the water unassisted.’ 

Among the hashtags included ‘undisturbed birth’, ‘lotus birth’, ‘free birth’, ‘the unconventional parent’ and ‘birth without fear’. 

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Adele and Matt Allen believe in an all-natural approach to bringing up their children – so much so they refuse modern medicine and traditional schooling, and their five-year-old-son is still being breastfed. 

Mrs Allen posted online that she has undergone three pregnancies without folic acid, which the NHS says provides necessary vitamins and minerals that aid babies’ development.

She wrote: ‘Three pregnancies with no folic acid supplement and three healthy babies.’ 

In the revealing post, Mrs Allen suggested she did not have any ultrasounds during the pregnancy. 

She wrote ‘Ultrasounds, learn the risks’, next to a post from a free-birthing group which read: ‘I love that I haven’t had any ultrasounds because this is mine.’  

Adele Allen pictured husband  Mark, son Ulysses and daughter Ostara

Social media users were quick to congratulate Mrs Allen on the birth of her baby.

Natalie eagle said: ‘Congratulations on this blessing to your wonderful family xx.’ 

Another user said: ‘Congratulations, how wonderful! Her name is beautiful.’ 

Cristy Caraway added: ‘Beautiful Picture and Congratulations.’  

The family appeared on This Morning in 2016 where they discussed their unconventional parenting techniques.  

Adele used the family’s appearance on the show to explain her unusual approach to modern medicine, shunning conventional treatments when her children had scarlet fever and chicken pox.

‘We treated it naturally. We believe in the body to self heal,’ she said. ‘If you support the body’s healing through supplements and herbs then you it will heal.

‘I don’t believe that bringing a fever down artificially helps the body. I believe a fever is there for a purpose to clean the body out.’

Speaking about breastfeeding Ulysses at the age of five, she said. ‘It really depends on the day. He does it more at home when he’s feeling tired or needs comfort.

‘Not so much when we’re out but sometimes if he’s feeling a bit emotional he asks to. And that’s fine with me.’

Viewers were not impressed when they spotted Ostara urinating on the set of This Morning

‘So you’d be fine if he was feeling anxious now and wanted to breastfeed, you’d be very happy to do that in public?’ Ruth Langsford asked.

‘Yes,’ Emma agreed.

Ruth also pointed out that the children were clambering all over the sofa, which she said that she and Eamonn had no problem with, but she wanted to know if Ulysses is ever told off by his parents.

‘He would do as we ask,’ Emma said. ‘We speak to him respectfully as an equal human being.

‘He is a highly sensitive child so he does struggle with getting overwhelmed easily so it’s important for him not to have strong, authoritarian discipline.’

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