Outrage over To-Kill-Her tequila cocktail name as women blast bar for ‘joking about domestic violence’

Outraged Facebook users blasted the Little Jack Horner bar in Coogee for the moniker, claiming the name was "joking about domestic violence".

The drink features lemon, orange, Cointreau, grapefruit bitters and Don Julio tequila, according to a screenshot of the drinks menu captured by the website.

User Kristy Marshall posted on the social media platform: "Incredibly offensive cocktail name 'To Kill Her' – Seriously?!

"The rates of domestic violence in Australia is horrifying [sic] and things like this are part of the problem.

"Suggest you guys get onto changing it ASAP."

Tara O'Connell said: "A cocktail promoted as 'to-kill-her'. Honestly? Not good enough guys. Please change this urgently … it’s completely inappropriate and quite disturbing."

Chantola Seng added: "The To Kill Her cocktail name is neither funny nor clever. It is a grossly irresponsible act to have it appear on your menu. Domestic violence and femicide is a real issue, pairing that issue with alcohol is beyond disgusting."

And Amanda Rowen said: "Disgusting that you have a cocktail name that makes light of voilence [sic] against women, especially given current events #tonedeaf"

But not everyone was so offended by the name as Rick C Chandler wrote: "C’mon! It’s a play on the word tequila.

He continued: "If they’d found a way to say to-kill-a-man, would you be so up in arms? And yes, domestic violence is horrible everywhere!"

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Little Jack Horner Facebook page does not appear to include customer reviews.

According to Yahoo, the manager has said the name of the cocktail had since been changed to To-Love-Her.

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