Photo shows black bear relaxing at New Hampshire hotel

Time for those bear necessities! Black bear pictured taking in the view from hotel veranda in New Hampshire

  • A black bear was spotted enjoying the morning view at the Omni Mount Washington Resort in New Hampshire on June 29 
  • Sam Gessaman, an employee at the resort, wanted to take a photo of the sunrise after his night shift but instead stumbled upon a black bear on the veranda 
  • The bear climbed onto the veranda in search of a trash can
  • While being ushered out, the bear took a moment to lean on the railing to take in the view and these picture perfect photos were captured 

This black bear decided to enjoy the early morning view before being escorted off the veranda.

Sam Gessaman, an employee at the Omni Mount Washington Resort in New Hampshire, worked the overnight shift on June 29 and wanted a quick picture of the 5am sunrise. Instead, he encountered a black bear climbing the stairs of the veranda to sniff out a nearby trash car.

Gessaman told WMUR 9: ‘While following behind it attempting to usher it to the nearest exit, the bear decided to hop up on the rail and enjoy the sunrise as I had intended to do myself.’

Hotel employee Sam Gessaman snapped these photos of a black bear watching the sunrise on a veranda in New Hampshire

The bear snuck onto the veranda in search of food and while leaving decided to get one last look

In the photos, the black bear can be seen leaning against the railing and looking over the edge in the morning light.

Bears are very common in New Hampshire and hotel staff is told to remind guests to not approach bears.

Last year, the sharp increase of human-bear conflicts were blamed on food shortages and saw the highest number of bear killings since 2014. 

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Bear’s are common in New Hampshire and it’s not unusual to see them often

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