Princess Eugenie's wedding – Richard Bacon reveals how royal bride supported him when he almost died

Richard Bacon, 42, fell ill with a lung infection and said he “nearly died a few times” when he “saw the white light”.

The broadcaster, who is good friends with both Eugenie, 28, and Jack Brooksbank, 32, revealed he first met the princess “at 3am in Miami” and was delighted to be in Windsor for the royal wedding.

The former Blue Peter host was on a flight from the US on July 5 when he fell ill with suspected pneumonias.

He was rushed to Lewisham hospital in London and was placed in a medically-induced coma and woke eight days later.

Speaking on This Morning, he said: “I nearly died a few times. My summer holiday was to a coma.

“And it was one of those strange things that overwhelmed my body and yet now it’s all gone.

“Even though I nearly died, I’m sort of back to full health now.

“I saw the white light and then I sort of diverted away from the white light to this. I lived for this moment.”

He revealed that Eugenie got contacted his wife Rebecca while he was in a coma and was “really supportive” as he remained in hospital.

Richard added: “Yeah, they did (get in touch). Eugenie did a lovely thing; she got in touch with my wife Rebecca.

“Obviously you can’t really reach me in a coma. She sent a very nice, a very long and very concerned email to Rebecca and was in touch with her throughout that time and was really supportive.

“I know them from being incredibly social. Quite an embarrassing answer really.

“I think I first met her at about 3am in Miami, but through a lot of partying and social events and we also have a lot of friends in common. 

“I live in Los Angeles at the moment and I don’t know many people going to this wedding.

"Two of the people I do know are my next door neighbours in Los Angeles who run the art gallery where she (Eugenie) works.”

Richard is one of the 850 guests who will watch Eugenie and Jack tie the knot in Windsor this morning.

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