'Remorseless' OAP, 77, finally admits killing great-grandson, 6, who died after he was shot with an air rifle

A "REMORSELESS" OAP today finally admitted to killing his six-year-old great-grandson after shooting him with a pellet gun.

Albert Grannon, 77, was warned he faced time behind bars after shooting Stanley Metcalf at a Sproatley home in East Yorkshire in July last year.

He today pleaded guilty to manslaughter at Hull Crown Court.

The defendant sat in the dock wearing a jacket, shirt and tie and listened to the proceedings through a headset.

Detective Inspector Rebecca Dickinson, who has led the investigation, said she was "pleased" that the OAP had "finally admitted his guilt".

She added: "Stanley Metcalf was a fun loving, football mad little boy with loving parents and loving siblings. It makes it all the more tragic that it was a member of his own family who was ultimately responsible for his untimely death.

"I am pleased that Albert Grannon has finally admitted his guilt and faced up to the enormity of his actions.

"Up to now he has shown no real remorse for what happened. I hope that now he will realise the effect and suffering that that terrible moment back in July 2018 has had on his parents Jenny and Andy and all those who knew Stanley.

"Despite this, it will never take away the fact that Stanley’s parents, brother and sisters won’t have their beloved son and brother in their lives anymore.

I am pleased that Albert Grannon has finally admitted his guilt and faced up to the enormity of his actions. Up to now he has shown no real remorse for what happened

"Stanley has a twin, Elsie. They were inseparable. I can only imagine what she will feel like now and when she reaches any milestones in her life, knowing that she should be sharing them with Stanley.

"There are no winners in this at all. It has been an extremely upsetting case to investigate for all my officers.

"It is a nightmare that Stanley’s family have had to live through every day since last July, and will have to live through from now on.”

She said it had been an "extremely tragic incident" that saw the little boy "who had all his life ahead of him had it cut so needlessly short."

Stanley had suffered a hole in the side of his abdomen when he was shot.

He had been rushed to Hull Royal Infirmary but despite the best efforts of paramedics, died.


Addressing the defendant, Judge Peter Kelson QC, said: "This case, as well as tragic, is very serious.

"It's entirely possible that a prison sentence will follow. You must prepare for that."

At the end of the five minute hearing Grannon said "thank you" to the judge.

Family members were seated in the public gallery and on chairs within the courtroom normally reserved for jury members. No details of the offence were given during Monday's court hearing.

His family paid tribute to the youngster as a "brainy, kind little boy".

In a statement issued through Humberside Police, Stanley's family said: "We are absolutely devastated and completely heartbroken without Stanley and it still doesn't feel real we won't see his happy, smiling face again.

"There are no real words to express how the loss of Stanley has affected us and we all miss him so much.

"He was so vibrant and full of energy, a typical six-year-old boy who just wanted to have fun and enjoy life, and he adored playing football."

Stanley's family held a superhero-themed funeral for the youngster last year, with his twin sister leading the horse-drawn carriage.

Senior coroner Professor Paul Marks was told that a post-mortem examination revealed Stanley's cause of death to be "airgun projectile wound to abdomen".

The case has been adjourned for sentencing on July 2.

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