Survey of Nova Scotia teachers show lingering issues since last contract imposed

A survey released by a group of former and current educators indicates Nova Scotia’s teachers feel overburdened and disrespected in the aftermath of the 2016-17 contract dispute that was resolved through a government-imposed wage settlement.

Global News

Report co-author Pamela Rogers, of Educators for Social Justice-Nova Scotia, says the responses show that teachers still feel they are chronically under-resourced in the classroom and that they are battling increased demands on their time.

Rogers, a former teacher, says the majority of teachers who responded also feel their relationship with the provincial government has been “poisoned” because they aren’t being listened to.

The survey received 292 responses, with 93 per cent submitted by classroom teachers between January and April of 2018.

Rogers says while the survey is not a statistically representative sample of the province’s 9,300 teachers, it serves as a “snapshot” of what teachers felt about the profession during the winter of 2018.

She says a follow-up study is needed to see what if anything has changed since the initial survey period.

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