Top Eurocrats caught on camera having massive row at crunch Brussels summit

Donald Tusk was seen wildly gesticulating at senior civil servant Martin Selmayr during a crunch summit in Brussels.

The two argued furiously in public for a full minute before being told to calm down by fellow Eurocrat Jean-Claude Juncker.

The whole encounter was captured by TV cameras which were waiting for a joint press conference by Mr Tusk and Mr Juncker.

Mr Tusk, the president of the European Council, was unable to contain his temper during the conversation.

But Mr Selmayr, secretary-general of the European Commission, repeatedly answered back.

The pair stopped their row and started grinning after Mr Juncker stepped in to remind them the cameras were filming.

Mr Selmayr tried to play down the argument, saying afterwards: "The president of the European Council had a factual question to the before his press conference, and I helped out. Very simple."

But Brussels insiders speculated the two men had clashed over the decision to offer Theresa May a longer post-Brexit transition deal.

Mr Selmayr, former chief of staff to Mr Juncker, is notorious within the EU for his scheming.

He has repeatedly briefed against Mrs May during Brexit talks over the past couple of years.

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