Tory Brexit plotters claim they have 46 letters calling for Theresa May to go – just TWO away from triggering a vote

Brexiteers trying to oust the PM have so far been frustrated by failing to cross the crucial threshold of 48 letters.

But today a leading rebel insisted there are 46 backbenchers who have demanded a leadership vote.

That means only two more are needed to trigger a challenge – suggesting a vote could come later this week.

Nadine Dorries was one of the first MPs to announce in public that she wants the PM to go.

Today she claimed backbench boss Sir Graham Brady has almost got enough letters for a vote of no confidence.

She told the BBC: "I think the number's about 46. And I know of key people who are holding their letters back."

Ms Dorries added that the number would have been reached already if it weren't for cowardly men who are too scared to put a letter in.

She said: "I can tell you this… all the women have put their letters in."

There are at least 42 MPs who say publicly or privately that they have put a letter in to Sir Graham.

But he has revealed some rebels lie about putting in letters – meaning the true figure could even be less than that.

This morning he again repeated that the key threshold of 48 has not yet been reached and said the "vast majority" of Tory MPs still support Mrs May even if they plan to vote against her Brexit deal.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Brexiteer ringleader, admitted that the attempted coup now looks "a bit Dad's Army".

But he said that even if there is no leadership challenge this week, there will be a fresh push to unseat the PM next month.

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