Transcona schools losing Ukrainian program to upcoming merger

The River East Transcona School Division announced last week that the Ukrainian Language Program is going to be moved to a different school.

This leaves many parents like Kaitlyn Sayavong wondering how this will affect their children.

“We made Bernie Wolfe School very much a community and family-based program so that makes me angry that they’re going to take it away,” Sayavong said.

The language program had been offered at two schools in Transcona — Bernie Wolfe Community School and Springfield Heights Community.

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The school board is combining the programs into one school location, which is causing concern among families. The program would be offered at Prince Edward School which is in North Kildonan.

In a statement on its website, Transcona Collegiate states:

“River East Transcona School Division is proud of our Ukrainian program and the tight-knit community of families who benefit from having this option in our division. By bringing the two early years programs together, students will benefit by having more opportunities to learn within their peer groups which creates a more robust learning environment.”

Amy Bailer says the program makes her kids very excited about school and is disappointed with the board’s decision.

“We have thought about even the possibility of relocating as opposed to trying to figure out ways to get our daughter to that other school. We’re not super comfortable with the fact it’s way over there,” Bailer said.

On Monday at 6:30 pm, the board will host an information session about the upcoming merge.

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