'Why You Coming Fast?' viral video of man losing his rag after cyclist's crash sparks hilarious memes

Memes are flooding the internet as Twitter users poke fun at the fuming workman, who bashed his head when a speeding cyclist crashed into him on the pavement.

In the video, which has nearly 1.2 million views on YouTube, the biker clips the corner of a wall, sending him flying into the victim as he crouches under a car.

Stunned, the wounded workman grabs his head as the cyclist begs for forgiveness.

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But things take an aggressive turn as he stares in the camera and swears "Why you f****** coming fast?!"

The footage, which was recorded on the cyclist's head-cam, has since swept the nation, with bantering Brits creating a barrage of memes.

One posted a picture of the video's star with the caption: "Monday morning… WHY YOU COMING FAST?"

Others tweeted pictures of themselves dressed in high-vis vests and white caps to look like the victim.

His slogan has even been remixed into a song by a different user while another painstakingly animated scenes from the clip.

In a YouTube comment, one fan said: "This is hands down non negotiationable the most funny video I have ever seen."

Some speculated whether the man knew he had become internet famous.

Another said: "He decided to wear the yellow jacket to make sure everyone sees him then this guy just smashed his head."


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