Would YOU eat the world’s smelliest fish? Girl retches and gags after opening can of herring so stinky experts advise opening it underwater

The herring is so stinky experts advise opening it underwater.

British vlogger Klee G gives it a go but she starts retching as soon as the can is opened.

She makes it half way through before being sick – but manages to keep going until everything is finished.

Surströmming, or Swedish sour herring, is stored for months marinading in its own bacteria.

People have started filming themselves trying to complete the 'Surströmming Challenge'.

It involved trying to eat as much as possible of it without throwing up.

Klee G is a member of Devonshire Idiot and Co, a group who try food challenges.

Their slogan is: "Doing stupid things so you don't have to."


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