10 Most Expensive Beers in The World

Beer is one of the most popular beverages in the world. An average America drinks 8.7 liters of beer per year, according to Alcohol.org, far behind from the 14.4 liters consumed by Belarus, that ranks in the first position on the list.

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However, drinking beer can be an expensive habit depending on the brand. Some bottles on this list can cost thousands of dollars, much more than a fancy bottle of wine. But what makes a beer so expensive? Most of the items listed are limited editions and very rare. This exclusiveness makes the value of anything much higher. Keep scrolling and discover the most expensive beers in the world.

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10 Sam Adam’s Utopia – $200

In 2007 Sam Adam released the luxury beer Utopia that cost $200, but it can cost much more on auction websites. This beer is only released in every two years. The last time was in 2017, so it beer lovers might see this fancy golden bottle on the market again this year.

In 2017, Sam Adam only produced 13,000 of Utopia. They make it by blending multiple types of beers and some of them have been aging for decades. According to Business Insider, it tastes more like cognac and has an impressive 28 percent ABV.

9 Schorschbock 57 by Schorschbräu – $275

Schorschbock 57 by Schorschbräu is the most expensive beer produced in Germany and a 375 ml bottle cost $275. It was also considered the strongest beer in the world and has a 57 percent ABV. However, other beers were produced after it with an ABV higher than 60 percent. It was a limited edition and just 36 bottles were on the market in 2011.

According to Liquor, the lucky people who tried this exclusive beer described the drink as “everything from smoky and nutty to overpowering and breathtaking.”

8 Jacobsen Vintage No. 1 – up to $400

Jacobsen Vintage No 1 held the reputation of being the most expensive beer in the world for a while. This beer is only produced in Denmark and cost at least $364, but the price can go up to $400. It is rare to find a bottle of Jacobsen Vintage No. 1 outside Denmark and that explains the price.

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According to Carlberg’s website, the beer is matured for six months on Swedish and French oak barrels that remain on a cellar built in 1847. During this period, the drink goes through several chemical processes, but most of them stay a secret.

7 Vieille Bon Secours ale – $862

Belgium is known for producing some of the best beers in the world. Some of the are also among the most expensive bottles in the world. In 2015, a 12 liters bottle of The Vieille Bon Secours ale was sold for £700 ( $862 today) for a restaurant in London.

The Telegraph described the beer’s flavor as ” citric, caramel and toffee flavors with an undertone of licorice and aniseed.”

“A large part of the cost is the bottle itself, but it is a very rare niche beer,” Muir Picken one of the clients of the brand told The Telegraph.

6 Antarctic Nail Ale – $800

Antarctic Nail Ale was another beer that also had the title of most expensive beer in the world for a while. A bottle could cost $800. At least it was the price paid by someone during an auction and the money went to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in 2010.

But what makes this beer special? It was made from Antarctic ice brought from an expedition in the Southern Ocean. According to Edmond Journal, only 30 bottles of Antarctic Nail Ale were produced. Being rare and part of a limited edition certainly had an influence on the final price.

5 Lost Abbey Cable Car Kriek – $923

According to Thrillist, the Lost Abbey Cable Car Kriek was sold at an auction for $923. However, a quick research on the internet is possible to find this beer being sold for at least $1500.

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This beer was released in 2011, and California’s Lost abbey produced it. Only 60 bottles of this beer were on the market. The clients should drink it in the brewery and the bottles could never leave the tasting room.

It is no surprise this beer is considered rare, so it explains the high price for a bottle.

4 Dave Dog Brewery – $2.000

Dave is a beer brewed by Dog Brewery and costs the astronomical price of $2.000 for a 375ml bottle. It has a 29 percent ABV. Like other items on this list, just a few bottles of Dave are brewed every year, and probably that is the reason this item is on the wish-list of most beer lovers. Dave is also a valuable beer on auctions.

Alan Sprints, who created the beer, compares the value of the beer with wine. “There are wines that are so special that there are people willing to pay more than they’re really worth,” Sprints, told NPR.

3 Toppling Goliath Vanilla Bean Assassin – $5.000

Toppling Goliath Vanilla Bean Assassin can cost up to $5.000 online. This special edition was brewed once, and it has a marshmallow flavor. The beer is produced in Chicago, and some people consider it the best imperial stout produced.

There are some reasons why it might cost some thousands of dollars. It is rare and many people are willing to pay more for exclusive things. Another reason is that many beer lovers might be curious to try the Toppling Goliath Vanilla Bean Assassin due to its reputation.

2 Scottish brewery BrewDog – $20.000

Scottish brewery BrewDog is one of the most expensive beer on this list, and a bottle cost $20.000, according to Vice. This beer has 55 percent alcohol and was released after the changes of the legislation that put a limit on ABV drinks in Ohio. Before that, they could not be higher than 12 percent.

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The bottle of the Scottish brewery BrewDog is a taxidermy squirrel wearing a tuxedo. The beer also helped BrewDog to promote their new brewery in Ohio. They only produced ten bottles of this special beer and the money went to BrewDog’s Equity for Punks USA crowdfunding initiative.

1 Allsopp’s Arctic Ale – $503,300

Allsopp’s Arctic Ale was sold for $503.300 on eBay in 2016. This specific bottle was brewed for Sir Arthur Belcher in 1852 to celebrate his expedition to the Arctic. The company who produced it later become the giant Inbev.

The lucky seller bought this bottle on eBay for $304. The previous owner wrote the name Allsopp wrong and many potential buyers could not find it. This is one of the most expensive mistypes in history, according to The Telegraph. The first seller might have a lifetime regret after that.

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