10 Most Expensive Restaurant Meals in The UK

Traveling means a lot of things for different people. For some, it’s all about soaking in the best views they can. For others, it’s simply about relaxation. And for many, it’s about tasting the most typical dishes of a certain region because, let’s face it, food is amazing. Plus, there are few better ways to completely experience a country’s culture than through the flavours and textures of their food.

However, if you are a backpacking teenager, chances are your diet will consist mostly of tuna sandwiches, regardless of where you find yourself. But if you take a particular liking to the more exquisite dishes of this world and a wallet deep enough, then this article might be for you. Dedicated to the UK, let’s dive into the most expensive restaurant meals in the United Kingdom.

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10 The Bacon Bling At Tangberry’s Cafe, Cheltenham: $235

The small town of Cheltenham, located in Gloucestershire, England is a relatively unassuming one. And yet, it’s well-known thanks to the Tangberry’s Cafe, which set the record for selling the world’s most expensive bacon sandwich. What was quite a blow for the Americans will also be quite a blow for your wallet.

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At $235 a pop, the Bacon Bling includes what they call “rare breed bacon”, truffles, truffle oil, gold leaf, gold dust, and saffron. The good news is that the proceedings are being used for charity, so you get to eat well and make the world a better place at the same time.

9 Caviar Omelette At The Ritz – $370

This one probably comes as no surprise to anyone. The Ritz is already synonymous with opulence and finesse. The food served at their hotels obviously has to meet certain standards of quality, taste, and a price that matches those exact standards, from the rooms, to the service, to the food.

Caviar is one of the most expensive food items in the world as it is, so anything featuring this exquisite ingredient comes with a matching price tag. In this case, we’re talking about a caviar omelet that will undoubtedly delight you – if you’re willing to pay almost $400 for it, of course.

8 Caterpillar Soup At Royal China Club, London – $591

First things first, know that dining at the Royal China Club in China isn’t exactly a cheap option. You won’t find anything on the menu worth tasting that’s under $200, and we’re talking about appetizers. But also know that’s definitely worth a go, mostly due to the rare specialties they offer.

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One of those just so happens to be the Caterpillar Soup – and no, it’s not actually made of caterpillars. No one’s into killing potential butterflies here! It’s actually made using an herb that resembles the soon-to-be beauties, which is hard to come by and needs to simmer for almost ten hours in order to make the soup.

7 Florette Sea And Earth Salad At Hempel Hotel, London – $1,013

You probably won’t be surprised by the amount of times London is featured on this list. While the United Kingdom as a whole is not necessarily expensive when it comes to cost of living, London is, after all, one of the hippest, most popular, and priciest capitals in the world. And that shows when it comes to restaurants!

A great example of this is the Florette Sea And Earth Salad, one of the most expensive salads in the world, served at the Hemp Hotel. It includes beluga caviar, grated truffle, lobster, and 30-year-old vinegar. A healthy and extravagant treat, no doubt.

6 Kobe Beef Isiyaki At Sushisamba, London – $1,231

Who knew that a restaurant that combines three types of different cuisines from all around the world could become so good – and so pricey? That’s exactly the case for London based restaurant Sushisamba, which includes Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian cuisine.

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A permanent presence on their menu is none other than Kobe Beef Isiyaki, which costs a whopping $1,231 (roughly £1,000). It’s mushy, it’s meaty, it’s silky, and you can even go as far as cooking it yourself. Although if you’re paying more than 1K for a meal, might as well ask the chef to go ahead and please do it for you.

5 Coq Au Vin At Coq d’Argent, London: $1,231

There appears to be some sort of curious liaison between United Kingdom restaurants, their exorbitant prices, and charity. Much like with what happened at Tangberry’s Cafe, when Coq d’Argent came up with its brand new recipe, all the profits went to charity. And this time around, the client gets to choose which one!

The Coq Au Vin special was the brainchild of famous chef Mickael Weiss and consisted of chances of meat that were marinating for an entire day before being cooked and ready to be eaten. Legend says it was definitely worth the wait. The chicken disagrees, but it was all for a good cause.

4 The Glamburger At Honky Tonk, London: $1,770

Who says you can only be beautiful on the outside? Well, probably no one, but this London restaurant sure took the concept of fine-dining to a whole other level by presenting customers with the Glamburguer. Now, you can become solid gold on the inside too!

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Served at Honky Tonk, the Glamburguer includes a patty covered in a golden leaf, plus three types of meat (including sea meat) – venison, Kobe beef, and lobster. At over 2000 calories, this bad boy will take a toll on both your diet and your bank account. However, it’s definitely one of those once-in-a-lifetime kind of things, so might as well go for it.

3 Samundari Khazana Curry At Bombay Brasserie, London: $2,463

It’s been named the world’s most expensive curry, and for good reason. At almost $2,500 a pop, Samundari Khazana Curry is not exactly the type of meal your average working Joe could afford to eat on a weekly basis. When it comes to breaking records for dish prices, the United Kingdom is definitely on a roll.

Bombay Brasserie’s specialty was created a decade ago, but it’s still making waves around the world. Of course, it includes your standard gold leaf, plus caviar, lobster, crabs, and snails. Ironically enough the dish was meant to mark the DVD of Slumdog Millionaire – is this where you would spend your prize?

2 Almas At The Caviar House & Prunier, London: $25,000

What else could we expect from a restaurant that has both caviar and a French word in a name expect opulence in the true sense of the word? The Caviar House & Prunier in London is probably the epitome of elegance, excess, and fine-dining, all wrapped into one very expensive package.

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And the most expensive thing you can eat there – which is also one of the most expensive dishes in the world – is, of course caviar. And this caviar in particular is extremely rare, found only in Iran. Sold in a 24-karat gold can, this exquisite delicacy will cost the staggering amount of $25,000. But if you’re really not that hungry, you can go with the smaller portion – this one goes for a modest $1,250.

1 Pudding At The Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel, Lake District — $35,000

Guess what? Yes, we have yet another record-breaking dish on the list! And this time around, the title of most expensive desert in the world goes to the Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel, located in England’s Lake District. Home to Chef Marc Guibert, creator of what is perhaps one of the most beautiful dishes ever created.

At $35,000 a piece, the desert is shaped like a Faberge egg, and includes exclusive elements such as gold leaf, champagne, caviar, and – wait for it – an actual diamond. No wonder only one has been sold so far! An be warned – if you’re thinking about ordering it for a future event, make sure you do it two weeks in advance.

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