15 Nail Art Designs You'll Want to Wear All Summer Long

With all of the tropical cocktails and drippy, yet gorgeous ice cream cones you’ll be consuming Instagramming this summer, you’ll need equally IG-worthy nails to complete the pic. Keep scrolling for all of the summer nail art inspo you’ll need.

1. Ice Cream Drips

warmer times ?

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Get that perfect holding-an-ice-cream-cone-whilst-looking-cute pic this summer with this ice cream drip mani in alternating colors. To get this look, use a bobby pin (or a dotter tool if you fancy) to drop a spot of polish where you want your drip to be, and then drag the drip toward the tip of the nail to make it appear as though it’s dripping.

2. Picnic Print

Give your nails the picnic blanket treatment with a bold red and white checkered pattern. The key to this nail art? Using a thin striper brush to draw straight lines and then filling them in with polish, so that the edges of each square is super sharp.

3. Fruity Cuticles

How do you feel about some fruity cuticles?

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Basically all of your favorite fruits are in season during summer. So, what better way to show them love than to draw different ones on each nail?

4. Paint Splatters

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These multicolored paint splatters are the perfect summertime mani thanks to their bright colors and super-easy application. Pick your favorite shades, simply dot polish onto your nails, and finish the look off with a clear coat.

5. Cherry Nails

Cherries by Hayley ? #shoreditchnails

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If you’re going for a retro summery vibe, these fun cherries are the perfect choice! Put a couple on a few nails and paint the rest neutral — or, put a cherry on each nail for a ~fruitier~ look.

6. Bright Florals

Draw pastel florals on top of a bold red nail by dotting on each petal, filling it in with polish, and then using a different color for the middle of the flower.

7. Rainbows

날씨 좋고

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Don’t play it safe this summer when it comes to your mani. Instead, opt for an OTT rainbow look like this one. To copy it, paint your nails like you would a French manicure, but instead of white tips, swap them out for colorful free edges.

8. Minimal Dots

When it was sunny ? @shoreditchnails

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If you want a simple design that still stands out, try these neutral nails with a minimal dot of color by each of your cuticles.

9. Holographic

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Shiny, holographic polish lives for summer and all of its sunshine. And because a mani like this changes colors in sunlight, it’s like having two or three colors on your nail all at once!

10. Color-Blocked

Pick four colors to paint on each nail in a gradient from light to dark for a similar look to this pink, red, and black combo.

11. Curvy Stripes

If you aren’t afraid of asymmetrical nail art, try these wavy lines. The way these stripes curve differently on each nail offers a look that’s definitely unique.

12. Abstract Tropical

An abstract tropical print like this is so spot on for summer. With its leaves and bold colors, this mani looks like a fun Hawaiian shirt.

13. Succulents

Succulents are great plants to grow in summer — especially since they’re easy to maintain and don’t need as much water — so why not feature the cute lil’ guys on your nails?

14. Tie-Dye

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Tie-dye prints are basically synonymous with summer — plus, these teal, pink, and yellow swirls on each nail definitely pop.

15. Multicolored

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Don’t shy away from color this summer. If you have a lot of nail polish colors to choose from and can’t decide on just one, this mani is the way to go.

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