Always struggle with winged eyeliner? These 11 stamp pens are a gamechanger

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Winged eyeliner stamp pens are here to help turn make-up novices into seasoned beauty pros. Keep scrolling to discover 11 of the best…

If you’ve ever tried to do a winged eyeliner, chances are you’ve also failed to do a winged eyeliner. Because creating that perfect feline eyeliner flick is arguably one of the hardest make-up skills to master. It takes the utmost precision and an incredibly steady hand – meaning that, more often than not, creating the perfect eyeliner look actually ends up looking like a hot mess.

This is where eyeliner stamp pens come in. These genius inventions take the precision out of eyeliner application. With either an in-built sponge or a cleverly angled nib, the perfect cat eyeliner is just a quick stamp away. The idea is that you simply need to hold the applicator in place against the outer corner of your eye and the pen does the hard work for you. There’s no drawing, no evening out the thickness and no precise protractor-worthy angles. Simply press and hold. 

  • Ciate London Stamp & Drag Liquid Eyeliner

    This clever two-in-one pen takes away the guesswork. One end houses a felt tip pen, perfect for tracing the lash line with ease, while the other side houses an outer corner stamp that you simply press onto the eyelid to create the perfect liner flick. 

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  • Lottie London Stamp Liner Wing Edition

    This chunky pen feels weighty in your hand, allowing you ultimate shake-free control. Press the stamp end on the outer corner of each eye to create the perfect symmetrical flick before using the felt tip to trace the upper lash line and connect the dots. 

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  • Kaja Wink Stamp Set

    Perfect for beginners, use the liquid liner felt tip to trace along your lash line before using the thicker liner stamp to press on the perfect cat eye flick. Simple but effective. 

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  • Rimmel London Wonder Wing Eyeliner

    While this isn’t quite a stamp, the angled liner pen has a uniquely shaped nip that’s crafted like a calligraphy pen to give you a super-sharp flick with ease. 

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  • Quick Flick Intense Black Petite

    For a symmetrical liner in seconds, this stamp liner has four wing styles to suit any eye type. Position the stamp at the edge of your lash line and press gently, creating a precision line. Then, use the felt tip eyeliner pen included to connect the wing along the upper lash line. Easy! 

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  • Shiseido ArchLiner Ink Eyeliner

    This liquid eyeliner has an angled pen nib that helps you to expertly craft liner like a pro. For a foolproof winged liner, simply press the tip against the outer corner of the eye to create the perfect cat eye every time.

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  • Milk Makeup Tattoo Stamp

    This liner stamp won’t create the perfect cat eye flick; instead, it adorns your face with cute Euphoria-esque emojis. Choose between a heart, yin-yang symbol, peace sign or smiley – press and go. It’s perfect for festivals. 

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  • Makeup Revolution Awesome Eye Liner

    With two uniquely shaped felt tip brushes, this eyeliner pen is great for practising and perfecting your liner look. Use the thin end for precise lines and the thicker end for a bolder look or to press against the skin to create an eyeliner flick.

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  • NYX Professional Makeup Epic Smoke Liner Blendable Eyeliner Stick

    This clever pen is great for those who like a smokier-looking liner. Simply use the creamy gel end to trace your upper lash line before using the brush end to sweep it out into a diffused flick at the end. 

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  • Iconic London Enrich and Elevate Eyeliner

    Iconic London’s dual-ended eyeliner makes crafting a feline flick simple. Use the thicker end for ultimate control – to trace along your lash line and sweep up into an angle, before going in with the precision tip for fine-tuning. You can also turn each liquid liner nip up towards your outer brow and use the felt tip to imprint the perfect liner look. 

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  • Givenchy N01 Liner Disturbia

    While this liquid liner doesn’t have a stamp – it does make creating a cat eye simple. The ultra-precise nib is the perfect shape for creating controlled flicks while the formula lasts all day and night without imprinting onto your eyelid. Win-win. 

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