Baby Foot Peel Results, Skin Peeling off Feet from Exfoliant


Before you know it, the weather will be warm and you’ll be spending most of your days by the beach or at the pool. Of course, that means that after a long winter of keeping your toes stuffed inside a pair of warm, fuzzy socks, your feet will be out for the world to see. So you obviously want them to look smooth, moisturized and, of course, exfoliated.

A problem that many of us have is that our feet tend to get super dry due to weather, shoes, etc., but luckily, a company called Baby Foot has created an “innovative foot care product that will make your feet smooth and as soft as a baby’s foot.” Essentially, after soaking your feet in the treatment for one hour, they will shed dead skin for days, or even WEEKS, afterward until they’re just as soft as they were when you came out of the womb. Amazing!

While the results of this treatment are, without a doubt, completely mesmerizing, we’ll keep it 100% real with you — they’re frickin’ DISGUSTING, too! Regardless, we all love looking at gross things on the Internet, so… you’re welcome! Check it out and try not to cringe:

1. Okay, not too bad…

#babyfootpeel @sessfoless I feel like this would be up your alley

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3. Umm… ouch?

3. *GASP!*


5. NGL, we’re feeling the urge to help peel this off.

6. We’re slightly nauseous.

7. Nevermind… we’re VERY nauseous.

8. Well, it’s definitely working!

Love seeing all your results! Stephanie L. thank you for sharing!

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9. Gross, yet fascinating!

Love peeling pics! #babysoftfeet #babyfoot ?: @blissfullyyoursbybridget

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10. Absolutely not.

11. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO.

12. TBH, this looks a little painful.


14. OMG! She just shed a whole extra foot!

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15. Goodbye. Done. We’re outta here!

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