The Best Concealer I've Ever Used Isn't Even a Concealer

Not too long ago, a makeup artist introduced me to a product that would change my daily routine forever. While I have normal-to-combination skin, my eyelids would consistently get oily, causing any eye shadow (no matter how pricey) to cake up in the crease of my lids. I got so used to this that I had just stopped wearing eye shadow entirely — then I found the MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot ($22).

I had been doing taped segments for POPSUGAR three times a week, and eye makeup was a must. Whatever the makeup artist was using on my lids was a miracle; everything was staying put until the evening. When I asked what she was applying, she revealed the Paint Pot. She had been using the Painterly shade as a primer, but it also serves as a standalone eye shadow.

I bought one for myself immediately and was so impressed by the product (and the fact that it matched my skin tone so perfectly) that I soon started using it under my eyes, in the outer creases of my nostrils, and over blemishes. The product is initially sturdy, but becomes creamy as soon as you rub it into your skin. It smooths over anything, stays put all day, and layers well under and above other products. You can use it with your finger, but I opt to use a brush for fuller coverage.

Because it’s meant to be a shadow, it comes in a range of nine shades, from nude to deep purple. Some of the shades are more shimmery than others, but there are four shades that mimic natural skin tones relatively well. Take a look!

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