Is Fenty Releasing a New Lip Stunna Shade? Let's Investigate

Double tap for a surprise ?#STUNNA Lip Paint

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Fenty’s Lip Stunna ($24) has been called the “perfect” shade of universal red lipstick. After trying it out for ourselves, we’d agree with that statement, except the idea of perfection is kind of boring, and Rihanna’s makeup brand is anything but boring. That’s why we’re freaking out over the possibility of a new shade of Lip Stunna. Fans on Instagram swear it’s going to happen — here’s what we know so far.

At first glance, the short Instagram video posted on Fenty’s Instagram on April 30 seems innocuous enough. It’s a shot of five of the makeout-proof paints in a row, but Allure noticed something rather interesting about the ‘gram. The caption reads, “Double tap for a surprise.” Upon looking closer, one more Lip Stunna joins the lineup, and its red coloring is slightly deeper than the others. Could this mean Rihanna’s team just gave birth to a new Stunna?

Fans hope so and are speaking out in the post’s comments section. One person asked, “Are we going to be getting a darker red? Because I NEED.” Another wrote, “More colors? Because I’m saying ‘I do’ in August and I’d like to f*ck up the dance floor with a new color.” (So would we — hope our invite’s in the mail.)

We’ve reached out to Fenty’s team and will update this post with any information. In the meantime, guess we’ll just have to eat our spaghetti dinner in the single shade of the transfer-free formula.

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