Fossil Braids, Hair Trends, Viral Beauty Fads, Fishtail Hairstyles

Our eyes are always out for the latest hair trends, especially as the summer approaches and we try to find new ways to keep the hair off the back of our necks. Well, if that sounds like you, look no further because the latest hair trend is fun, fabulous, and it will make your fishtail braids look, well, inadequate. Enter: fossil braids.

The new hair trend, which was inspired by — you guessed it — fossils, is making its rounds on social media and we have to say… it’s pretty much the coolest thing ever. But, if you want to rock this hairstyle yourself, we’re not going to lie… it’s complicated AF. The style is a combination of dutch french plaits and fishtail braids, which means it’s double the hard work.

If you happen to be a professional when it comes to braiding, though, we totally think you should try it… especially if you’re currently rocking rainbow or pastel-colored locks. TBH, we’re OBSESSED!

So, are you inspired yet?!

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