Joseph Baena Recreates Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Classic Bodybuilding Poses

23-year-old bodybuilder Joseph Baena has been training harder than ever recently, and as always, that means sharing clips from his weights workouts and recovery sessions with his followers on Instagram. In his latest post, he shows off his hard-earned gains—while giving his famous father a subtle shout-out at the same time.

“Having fun running through some movements!” He wrote in the caption for the video, which shows him cycling through a series of flexes that are highly reminiscent of some of the most iconic poses that his dad, Arnold Schwarzenegger, struck during his time as one of the most successful bodybuilders in the world. Schwarzenegger famously hit some of these poses on the world stage as the seven-consecutive-year reigning winner of the Mr. Olympia competition.

It’s far from the first time Baena has recreated one of Schwarzenegger’s poses; he regularly flexes like the Austrian Oak on social media. When coupled with his genuinely striking resemblance to the man, the overall effect is pretty uncanny.

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While Baena is no doubt thrilled to be back working out in Gold’s Gym after working out at home for several months in quarantine, he is also a proponent of adhering to public health guidelines during the pandemic. Earlier this month, he posted a photo of himself wearing a mask and cleaning off gym equipment after using it. “Pro tip: flex your tricep when wiping down equipment so you don’t lose your pump,” he said.

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