Kim K’s New Perfume Just Launched & Here’s How Much It Will Set You Back

If you’re a beauty addict, you’ve probably been inundated with KKW Beauty news. The Kim Kardashian created brand has been working over time this spring, but it’s not the only Kim K. brand to be doing the most. The new KKW Body fragrance just landed, and from its bottle to its fragrance, it’s causing a major stir online. How much will the scent set you back, though? You may be surprised by its price point.

If you haven’t been following Kardashian or her brands on social media, you have missed, well, a bunch of naked images of the reality star. While that’s not so shocking, the sheer number of images of Kardashian’s body was suspect. As it turns out, those images are all in promotion for the new KKW Body perfume. Fitting, right?

The images aren’t just a marketing plan, though (but they’re definitely part of one because duh), they’re also from the day that Kardashian decided to create a cast of her body in order to make a mini KKW statue that would ultimately because the KKW Body fragrance bottle. Yes, that’s right. KKW Body comes in an anatomically correct statue of Kardashian’s actual figure, and it’s kind of incredible.

But how much can you expect to pay for it?

According to the KKW Fragrance website, KKW Body retails for $60. While you may be thinking that’s not exactly what you’d call affordable just wait until you hear the whole story.

When KKW Fragrance launched their inaugural scent Crystal Gardenia, the brand also sold the perfume for $60 with a small bottle for $35. The largest size of Crystal Gardenia is a 75 mL bottle. The KKW Body bottle? It holds 100 mL is is retailing for the same price. While they appear to be retailing for the exact same cost, KKW Body is actually a more affordable option than Crystal Gardenia thanks to amount of fragrance you’re getting in that now iconic bottle.

If you’re now convinced that you need this more affordable KKW fragrance in your life, there’s more good news (other than the price tag). The scent officially launched today, Apr. 30 at noon PT which means it can be yours. Simply head over to the KKW Fragrance website to snag your very own Kim Kardashian shaped bottle.

You may want to head over to the site soon, though. Almost all of Kardashian’s products have a habit of selling out. Perhaps no products are more concrete proof that she’s got the golden touch than those in her KKW Beauty line.

Kardashian sister brand to her fragrance is all about makeup, and her creations have been steadily selling out since all of their subsequent launches, and as of late, there’s been a lot.

In spring alone, Kardashain and her beauty brand have launched a collaboration with her long-time makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, another collaboration with Glam Masters winner Argenis Pinal, and a range of concealer kits. Both the KKW x Mario collection and multiple shades in the concealer kits have sold out and had to be restocked since their initial launch.

Given that the KKW fragrances in Crystal Gardenia and Kardashian’s Valentine’s Day Kimoji Heart fragrance all sold out, KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrance seem to be mirrors of one another. What does that mean? It means you need to get to shopping KKW Body before it’s gone.

If you love Kardashian, already own one of her fragrances and want to grow your collection, or are just curious about the hype, head over to KKW Fragrance now. For $60, you’ll get one sexy fragrance in one super sexy bottle.

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