May I Interest You in a $32 Light-Up Rose Gold Tweezer?

I love beauty enough to make a living writing about it, but sometimes, it can be exhausting. I can’t just shave — I need to shave with a 24-karat gold razor. I can swipe on plebeian $1 discount nail polish — or I can show how bougie I am via a pricey Louboutin option.

Thankfully, the brand-new Latweez Rose Gold Plated Illuminating Tweezers ($32) look luxurious without the scary price tag. This new device will bring unprecedented chicness to your brow-removing ritual. It’s stainless steel and comes in a trendy rose-gold hue, plus it has an LED light that will brighten up your bathroom.

How do you turn on this light? Glad you asked: you can illuminate your face via the Swarovski crystal on/off button. Oh you fancy, huh?

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