Micro manicures are the chic new nail trend where less is more

The clean girl aesthetic has seen minimal makeup, classic low buns and understated jewellery take centre stage.

And now, the trend is about to make it to your finger tips too.

While nail art is very much having a moment, if you’re a clean girl, it’s all about subtle detail that makes your manicure pop.

Dubbed ‘the micro mani’, trend experts from luxury nail salon, Townhouse, say we’re going to be dressing up our nails with ‘dainty French manicures, accents of tiny flowers, and minimalist shapes and dots.’

But if you’ve been a die hard fan of extra long Khloe Kardashian nails, with boujee nail art, how do you make the switch?

Charlotte Knight, nail tech and founder of Ciaté London says there’s a micro mani to suit every taste.

Charlotte tells Metro.co.uk: ‘You can truly make any nail style a micro by sizing it down.

‘There are so many options of micro-accents you can go for. Any nail trend that you see around can be sized down to fit the micro trend too.

If you see a trending colour, think of how you can add that on in a really small way, through a tiny heart, tiny tip, thin swirl, a fine line or anything else you think of.’

One of the most popular micro trends, is the micro French manicure.

‘The main difference between a micro and classic French tip, is only the size of the width of the tip.

‘If you have short nails or are attempting to grow them out, a micro tip does a great job at elongating your nails and allows you to have an accent without squashing the appearance of your nail in the way a thicker tip would do.’

And if you want to save the pennies and try to achieve a micro look at home, it can be done – with the right tools.


‘For a teeny tiny accent, you need a teeny tiny tool,’ says Charlotte.

‘For first timers, a toothpick is a nice steady tool. Select your desired design but keep it simple, I think a heart is a nice place to start – it requires two dots of varnish that you simply pull into a point. 

‘If you’re struggling to achieve this, an alternative route is a small nail sticker which you simply seal into place with a top coat.’

And for a French micro, there’s some prep involved. ‘File your nails into the desired shape and ensure cuticles are pushed back – this also will reveal even more space,’ says Charlotte.

‘Start with a natural, nude base for the best result. You want to paint on two, thin layers, allowing a few minutes for each to dry in between painting.

‘Your French tip can be any colour of your choice. Whatever your chosen shade is, you want to get a small liner brush and run it along the tip of your nail steadily.

‘Practice makes perfect on this one.’

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