Midas brunette, melted chocolate and crunette: these 6 hair colour trends will be big in spring

Written by Morgan Fargo

If your hair is due a refresh, glean inspiration from these up and coming hair colours, predicted by stylist and trend forecaster Tom Smith. 

While celebrities are often seen sporting a new hair colour from one week to the next, many deal with the consequences of over-processing, like breakage and slow-growth, or rely on wigs and hair pieces to minimise the damage to their own hair. They also have the luxury of on-call hairstylists and colourists, ready to change at a moment’s notice. 

For the rest of us, choosing a new hair colour might take anywhere between two and 12 months, if not longer. From determining the best colour and shade for your skin’s undertone to committing to the change, it’s a considerable decision to make, and one to treat with care.

Fortunately, leading stylist, trend forecaster and Evo Hair creative director Tom Smith is here to walk us through the hair colours that’ll rule red carpets, For You pages and Instagram feeds this spring.  Here are the hair colour trends you can expect to see everywhere.


“The perfect hybrid between copper and brunette, this a great choice for those who are drawn to the intense copper shades but are hesitant to wear a brighter or bolder hair colour,” Smith tells Stylist. “Crunette is an intensely warm and rich shade of light brunette with butter and caramel tones that evoke images of freshly baked croissants, as well as soft auburn tones without the glow of orange.” 

Speak to your hair colourist about… “This hair colour definitely isn’t copper or blonde, so start with a light brown base shade (in ‘hairdressing speak’ this is around a Level 7),” says Smith. “This shade requires golden, chocolate and copper tones, in that order. Too much copper will have the colour look too orange, while too much chocolate will make the shade feel deeper, like a classic brunette.

“This colour also works great with multi-tones, so ask your stylist to play with high and low lights of copper, auburn and golden tones. It will give you more variation.” 

Marbled hair

“The desire for contrast in hair colour has been growing for the last few years, and this is the boldest trend to date. Reminiscent of Cruella de Vil, this bold design has been updated for 2023, tying into a newer, updated, more polished interpretation of the indie sleaze trend.”

Speak to your hair colourist about… “This hair colour trend is not for the shy or subtle and needs professional execution. It can be a great way of trying a new shade mixed in with your existing base.

“If you are naturally fair, bold panels of a cool, dark brunette will give depth and attitude to your hair, while naturally darker bases can enhance the movement in your hair with bright, reflective panels of blonde.

“Washing your hair with cool water will help keep the high contrast shades fresh and crisp when the colour is new and minimise the risk of the colours transferring onto each other.” 

Melted chocolate

“A subtle, multi-tonal brunette shade, oozing with richness and shine, melted chocolate hair is characterised by its warmth (without tipping into popular ‘reddish’ tones) and intense gloss.”

Ask your stylist for… “a rich chocolate base colour (Level 5 or 6 in ‘hairdresser speak’) with chocolate and coffee tones but without any additional red or ash. Subtle strands of high and low lights will enhance this shade further. Style with bouncy waves for indulgent glamour.”

Smith suggests maintaining this shade with the Evo Fabuloso Colour Boosting Treatment in shade Chestnut – especially if your hair loses vibrancy quickly. If your concern is brassy tones, the shade Cool Brown will help to knock them back.  

Atomic red

If the first few months of 2023 have shown us anything, it’s that the thirst for copper, red and burnt orange hair colours cannot be quenched. Smith predicts that as this trend continues, though, it will begin to incorporate luminous, fiery red tones that include deeper mahogany and auburn.

“The key here is that the dominant undertone in this hair colour is red rather than orange (which dominates in copper and ginger shades),” explains Smith.

Speak to your hair colourist about… “vibrant, high gloss is essential to make this attention-grabbing shade look expensive and well done. So, make sure to keep your hair in tip-top condition. These red tones are not naturally occurring in hair and so these shades best suit those who like to make bold choices in their makeup and fashion.”

For at-home shine and gloss maintenance, Smith suggests using one of the red-toned Evo Fabuloso Colour Boosting Treatments.  

Midas brunette

“This hair colour is a rich glossy brunette with the Midas touch of gold. A great way to highlight the features and long hair lengths. This colour placement is great for those with darker bases and warmer skin tones who want to illuminate and add design to their hair colour.”

Ask your hair colourist for… “hand-painted panels of bold, gold-toned highlights that stay clear of copper. The colour should be kept shining, bright and reflective to best show off the golden tones. Achieve this by ensuring the hydration of the hair is in excellent condition using moisture-based masks such as the Olaplex No.8 Bond Intense Mask, finishing with a high-shine serum like the Evo Love Perpetua Shine Drops.” 

Cowgirl copper 2.0

Smith says this iteration of the popular copper hair colour is inspired by the “super-rich, caramel hues of Western leather” and the resurgence of the cowgirl aesthetic in fashion.

Ask your hair colourist for… “a super glossy rich caramel tone that sits perfectly between brunette and blonde. This is a great colour for those scared of intense orange tones and looks amazing when coloured from root to tip. The focal point is the intense shine this warm, rich tone provides. It oozes opulence and will look transformative in a subtle way. If you’re hesitant to cover up existing highlights to achieve this all-over colour, try a temporary gloss first to make sure you love it.”

Smith recommends the Evo Fabuloso Colour Boosting Treatment in shade Caramel, for those wanting a lighter-coloured finish and Chestnut for those who desire maximum colour intensity.

“Leave this colour-boosting treatment on for 5-10 minutes to get maximum condition, shine and tone,” he suggests. 

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