Mint Chocolate Chip Hair, Ice Cream Dye Job, Summer 2018 Beauty Trends

Now that summer is coming up, ice cream has been on our minds a little bit more frequently than usual (so, a lot), and thanks to Canadian hairstylist Theresa Cook, there’s a new way to rock your love for ice cream, except instead of inside a cone, it’ll be on your head.

You heard that correctly! Theresa took to Instagram to share one of her latest dye jobs, inspired by none other than your fave and ours — mint chocolate chip ice cream. The first thought upon seeing the minty green hair was, “wow, we’re hungry,” but soon after that we had total hair envy. We mean… look how cool it is!

We told you it’d make you hungry! Even though the look was inspired by one of our personal favorite ice cream flavors, Theresa spoke with Allure about what else inspired the look. She said, “I wanted to create a look that didn’t have a lot of commitment and that wouldn’t last too long.” Luckily, this pastel shade of mint was perfect for that!

Right about now, we know you’re thinking about rocking this mint chocolate chip trend this summer, but you’re also probably a bit apprehensive because you’re not sure how it’ll look as it fades. Theresa totally gets that, but would encourage you to be bold and try it out anyway. She told the mag, “Many people don’t want green tones because they are afraid of how they will fade. I’m always ready to show clients that green is nothing to be afraid of.”

Well, there ya have it, folks! What are you waiting for? Summer is on its way and this mint chocolate hair dye trend would be PERFECT!

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