The One Beauty Product You'll See All Over Facebook This Summer

I’m religious about applying body moisturizer, but this beauty product category isn’t always the most interesting. Aside from new scents every season, there isn’t much in the way of body-moisturizer innovation. Given that context, Arbonne’s latest launch is refreshing. Instead of dropping another coconut-scented body cream for summer, the Facebook-famous brand created a two-in-one product designed to get your arms and legs ready to see the light of day after a long winter of hibernation. 

It’s a serum and a lotion to moisturize and exfoliate, giving you smoother, softer, glowier skin. First, the RE9 Advanced Retexturizing Serum in Lotion ($50; moisturizes your limbs. You get the consistency of a body lotion with hydrating properties from avocado oil and ceramides. But the product also holds a serum made with ingredients like vitamin C and AHAs. These two ingredients are responsible for smoothing the skin’s surface and supporting collagen production, so your skin stays firmer longer. 

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There aren’t many exfoliating body lotions on the market, which is what makes this debut truly unique. Generally, you would first have to use a physical scrub in the shower and then apply moisturizer. This eliminates the scrub step, which I often skip. Serums, by nature, are highly concentrated in powerful ingredients, so this will give the skin on your arms and legs the same type of love you regularly give your face. 

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Like I mentioned, body lotion is a non-negotiable for me and part of my twice-daily routine. I gave this one a test and liked how quickly it absorbed into my skin and how soft my arms and legs felt after applying it. 

Next time your friendly Arbonne seller/Facebook friend is DMing you to attend a party, maybe just consider putting in this quick order. 

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