People are raving about a seven-day deodorant originally designed for soldiers

In hot weather, nobody can overstate the importance of a high-quality, long-lasting deodorant.

With environmental impacts in mind, natural and aluminium-free deodorants are on the rise, but some people are hesitant to make the switch.

But a natural deodorant cream, from Australian brand Lavilin, is currently making waves.

The herbal deodorant cream, which is alcohol, aluminium and paraben free, is marketed as both water-resistant and extremely long-lasting. Like, seven days long-lasting. 

Although the product was officially launched in Australia in 2017, it was first manufactured during World War Two for the Soviet Army and then commercialised by Tel Aviv-based biochemist Ziska Hlavin in 1974.

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According to the brand, Lavilin’s underarm deodorant cream uses plant extracts and oils to attack odour-causing bacteria ‘without interfering with the body’s natural ability to remove toxins and sweat,’ unlike many non-natural deodorants. 

The ingredients include castor seed oil, zinc oxide, ‘pharma-grade’ talc, flower extracts and vitamin E, among others. All ingredients are certified by the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association.

On the brand’s ‘Science’ page, it notes that a clinical trial by Institute for Skin Research in Tel Aviv found that ‘a single application of Lavilin 002 is effective for 6.28 days on average.’

Aussie influencer Alex Lyons also tested out the product in 2019 and had nothing but good things to say about it.

‘In my experience [it] protects me from the smell of B.0 for seven days – it seriously gets high praise from me considering I was training like a demon these last few weeks and would often end a session like sweaty Betty!’

And the customer reviews speak for themselves.

On Lavilin’s official website, the deodorant cream is rated five stars, with 48 reviews.

‘Works great, use once a week, and one jar lasts a year,’ wrote one customer who claims to have been using the product for 30 years. 

Another said: ‘It works for several days for me in a row just by applying a tiny pinch.

‘I used to stink a lot before I started using this product. 

‘I use it on my armpits and even my groin area. It does wonders.’

The same customer advised people using the product for the first time to ‘wipe their armpits with lemon juice and alcohol before applying it’ to negate years of aluminium salt built up.

Over on Amazon, where you can buy the product for under £13, the deodorant is rated just over four stars on 154 reviews.

One customer said: ‘I don’t normally give five star reviews, but there’s genuinely nothing I’d change about this product. 

‘I’ve just bought my second pot of cream, and the first one has lasted me 12 months. 

‘I followed the instructions and it worked great for me, lasting at least seven days and often more. 

‘I quite like that it’s not an antiperspirant, so I still sweat just without the smell.’

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