Shoppers Get Permanently Smooth 'Dolphin Skin' Thanks to This Painless Device

When it comes to pain, I'm something of a baby at large. My medically iffy rationale is that because I got a spinal tap while bopping around in the womb, my pain tolerance will always be low. Very low. So low that my pediatrician needed to use the infant needle to draw blood until I was maybe 10, and when I needed to get stitches in my chin as a kid, I accidentally kicked my grandma in the stomach when they let me out of the straitjacket. Ah, memories. 

Which is to say that when a hair removal method promises to be painless, I'm deeply skeptical. Yet if the Amazon shoppers leaving reviews for the site's top-selling light hair removal device are to be believed — and thanks to a history of spectacular recs, I'd trust strangers talking about Amazon beauty products with my life — the AmzGirl IPL Hair Remover has cracked the code. 

You can bet I first searched the hundreds of positive reviews for ones mentioning "pain," and what I found was over two dozen shoppers describing the complete lack of discomfort and irritation they experienced while using the IPL device. I quote: "I was a little hesitant at first, because normal laser removal hurts a lot. But surprisingly, this does not hurt at all and it's very easy to use." 

How could this be? According to the brand, the Hair Remover is prepared with 999,999 flashes of Intense Pulse Light (IPL) to thin out hair growth for permanently smooth skin (per one of the brand's infographics, "it takes only eight weeks to become a dolphin skin." I guess that's the goal). Shoppers with darker skin tones say it works fantastically and "beats spending thousands  at a med spa," while those with extremely sensitive skin write that they see zero redness. 


Shop now: $75 (Orig. $100); 

If you're like me and haven't shaved since the pandemic started, welcome to the judgment-free zone. The device calls for a change in routine, since you shave first for best results. But shoppers say it's worth it, the reduction in hair loss rivaling in-salon treatments from more extreme devices. Others say that while they had their doubts up front, they're "pleasantly surprised" by lesser amounts of thick facial hair; within two uses, another person says there's an "instant, noticeable difference in hair growth," and in three, the results are "incredibly good."  

Unlike some other machines, the AmzGirl IPL doesn't require a gel to work, and it comes with heavy-duty glasses to protect your eyes from the flashing light (whether or not you co-opt the glasses for a "Blinding Lights" TikTok is entirely your call). It comes with two modes: Slide and flash for larger areas like legs and arms, and press and flash for curves like your knees and underarms. 

Going by shoppers' shocking before-and-after photos, battling a razor over your knees is a figment of the past with the IPL device in your life — after four uses, their skin really is dolphin smooth. And thanks to the current deal Amazon's running, you can save 25 percent. Whether you have big plans for Hot Girl Summer or just like the feeling of smooth skin on cool sheets, bidding adieu to hair and razor burn has never been easier.  

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