This Is Exactly What Sophia Roe Eats in a Day

Chef, wellness advocate, and Pillow Talk Sessions cohost Sophia Roe loves to take advantage of every opportunity she has to cook. In this episode of Food Diaries, Roe talks about what a day of eats looks like in her life, from her morning juice to the unconventional way she cooks rice.

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Typically, Roe says she doesn’t eat first thing in the morning. “Sometimes, there’ll be, like, a rogue day where I wake up flipping starving, but that doesn’t happen all the time,” she says. “Normally, I’ll have some green juice. If I do have a green juice, it’s like a cucumber, celery, lettuce—you know, it’s one of those general ones.” She’ll also occasionally go for just some fruit, like grapefruit or an apple.

Does she drink coffee or tea? “I am a tea drinker. Tea all the way,” Roe reveals, adding that her favorite variety is Earl Grey with milk and stevia. “However, I like coffee when I’m traveling.”

As the workday begins, Roe’s appetite grows. Come 10 or 11 o’clock, she heads to her fridge.

“Any opportunity to test a recipe, I’m gonna take it,” the chef says. “Say I’ve got some pickles, some tomatoes, some romaine lettuce. I’m just the queen of throwing some stuff together.”

She adds that when making rice, she uses tea instead of water for boiling. “If you want to infuse flavor, that’s a great way to do it,” Roe says.

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Watch the full episode above to see what else she eats throughout the day.

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