Walking with Celebrities Is My New Fitness Hack

Apple Launches Celeb Walking Podcasts

If you have an Apple Watch but can never seem to actually close your activity rings in a given day, Apple has something new to motivate you: walking with celebrities.

Officially called 'Time to Walk', the new workout feature is billed as an immersive "audio walking experience" created to encourage users to walk more often, with the help of "some of the world’s most interesting and inspiring people."

Available to Fitness+ subscribers (ICYMI, that's Apple's new fitness streaming platform for Apple Watch, available for $10/month) and Apple Watch owners, the feature launched today with four celebs: Dolly Parton, Draymond Green, Uzo Aduba, and Shawn Mendes. Apple plans to release a new episode every Monday through the end of April.

Apple Launches Celeb Walking Podcasts

The concept is pretty simple: While walking outside in a location meaningful to them, each celebrity shares a life-shaping moment. As they talk, you'll receive little nudges on your Apple Watch to check out personal (often never-before-seen) photos. Then, each guest introduces a short playlist of songs that have given them motivation and inspiration.

Yes, this may sound similar to going for a walk while listening to a podcast, but the fact that these walks automatically appear in the Workout app on your Apple Watch takes one step out of the equation. (Does anyone else find the process of choosing a podcast to be extremely overwhelming?!) They're also only 25 to 45 minutes, which in my estimation, is the ideal amount of time to spend outside walking: Just enough to combat your winter blues and general WFH stiffness and body aches, without your fingers and face going completely numb (on the east coast, at least).

Sure, in a dream world I'd be going for a walk with a friend to catch up on our lives Sex and the City-style, but for now, in these pandemic times, I'll settle for Shawn Mendes.

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