We Tested All 16 New Products From Pop Beauty's Under-$15 Skin-Care Line

We Tested All 16 New Products From Pop Beauty’s Under-$15 Skin-Care Line

Good skin-care products that don’t cost a fortune are hard to find. It seems like every buzz-worthy serum or toner is $50 these days. That’s why was so thrilled to learn about Pop Beauty’s brand-new skin-care collection. The brand known for its vibrant, playful makeup is now selling everything you need for a fresh face, including masks, creams, lotions, and plenty more — there’s 19 products, to be exact. Luckily, I got my hands on the releases before anyone else, and I tried every single one of them.

Yep, I put all 16 products on my skin over the past week, and spoiler alert: I have many new favorites I’ve incorporated into my daily routine. The vitamin C face cream and probiotic face mask are two of my particular must haves. Ahead, I’m breaking down every product so you know what to expect. Everything is $14 or less, so you can invest in a few without breaking the bank. Let’s take a look!

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