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This Guy Worked Out Like Anime Hero 'One Punch Man' for 100 Days

There are plenty of workout programs out there designed to help you get as shredded as superheroes like Thor, Wolverine and Captain America, but for his latest challenge, YouTuber Tyler Oliveira took his inspiration from another hero. For 100 days, Oliveira worked out like Saitama from the anime series One Punch Man. Saitama has undergone physical training so rigorous that […]

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Jennifer Aniston’s Best Beauty Looks from Friends

Too often, previously revered sitcoms such as Sex and the City and Friends fail to pass closer inspection, relying on gags that simply don’t hold up in 2019. However, there are a few prior pop culture phenomena that weather the test of time, namely: Rachel Green’s beauty looks. Her signature shag by Chris McMillan, which Jennifer Aniston allegedly despised for […]

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How hot does a blow dryer actually get?

When it comes to styling our hair, we’re constantly told to protect our luscious locks from heat — but where would we be without our beloved hair dryer? Whether you use it once a day, once a month, or only when you step into a salon, whenever you use your hair dryer, you’re exposing your hair to heat. How much […]

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