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British survivor who saw sister-in-law was shot dead by 'white-hating' gang hugs wife at her funeral

Retired David Thomas, 67, and wife Brenda, 61, were treating her sister Heila Kilian, 63, to a barbecue at their remote South African farmstead when five armed men jumped them. Churchgoing mum-of-four Heila was shot through the heart from behind and died instantly as their attackers wearing balaclavas and orange boiler suits bundled the survivors to the ground. Former engineer […]

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Website linked to 4 million online attacks taken offline

An international operation, which involved the UK National Crime Agency, blocked Six suspected members of a gang behind the site were arrested in Bradford, Scotland and elsewhere. The site allowed criminals to “buy” attacks and was used to target seven high street banks last year. NCA officers believe an individual linked to the address in Bradford used the webstresser […]

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France’s president just turned Trump into a statesman

So much for the idea that President Trump would be too ignorant and coarse to conduct diplomacy with Europe on a grand scale. And that he can’t handle differing points of view. The state visit of French President Emmanuel Macron makes clear Trump has found a European partner of verve and vigor. And that he can work with someone who […]

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Michael Cohen: Donald Trump 'Fixer' Faces Thursday Hearing After Pledging To Take 5th In Stormy Daniels Suit

A federal judge ordered Donald Trump’s personal ‘fixer,’ Michael Cohen, to a court hearing on Thursday in his criminal case, after he revealed he would take the 5th Amendment in the Stormy Daniels lawsuit. Michael Cohen, the longtime “fixer” for Donald Trump, admitted on Wednesday that he plans to invoke his Fifth Amendment rights against incriminating himself if he is […]

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