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Sebastian Woodroffe was battered to death by furious mob 'when his motorbike BROKE DOWN as he tried to flee enraged villagers'

Sebastian Woodroffe's grisly death came after he was accused of shooting dead a highly respected local shaman because her son owed him money. Two sources told The Sun Online Sebastian had been harassing 81-year-old Shipibo-Konibo healer Olivia Arevalo for months. They say he then arrived at her home on Thursday, demanding the money before shooting her several times when she […]

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Alfie Evans hospital 'on lockdown' as angry supporters gather outside Alder Hey amid 'call to storm building' after court rejects Italy appeal

He was barred from going to Italy for treatment after the Appeal Court today rejected last-ditch pleas by Alfie's family to have him airlifted from the Liverpool clinic. Demonstrators have reportedly been blocked from entering as a family friend said doctors should "be ashamed" of their treatment of the 23-month-old — adding: "It's disgusting". Desperate mum Kate James said earlier that Alfie […]

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M25 crash chaos after lorry rolls over and bursts into flames closing motorway for hours

The blaze brought traffic in both directions to a sudden halt as firefighters and emergency services rushed to the scene near Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. It is thought that the lorry caught fire after crashing into a car and overturning while on the anti-clockwise carriageway. Shocking images posted on social media show the billowing smoke and flames rising up from the wreckage […]

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry share traditional Maori greeting pressing noses and 'sharing breath' at Anzac day service

The 36-year-old American was shown greeting Prince William outside Westminster Abbey ahead of a second service she attended in commemoration of New Zealand and Australia's war dead. Earlier Meghan and Harry had participated in the Maori "kiss of life" with Te Ataraiti Waretini from Ngati Ranana of the London Maori Club, when they were greeted with a traditional hongi – […]

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Smallville actress Allison Mack released on bail after being charged with 'helping recruit women as sex slaves for secretive Nxivm cult'

The 35-year-old TV star appeared before a judge in Brooklyn, New York, after being arrested on various sex trafficking charges for her involvement with NXIVM, last week. A federal judge agreed to release Mack on $5million (£3.5million) bond and place her under home detention at her parents house in California while she awaits trial. Her bail conditions include no contact with current or […]

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