A Teen’s Father Says Son Is Missing After Being Contacted by Kanye West to Join Donda Academy

A father of teen basketball athlete Robert Dillingham claims his son was taken on a plane from Charlotte to California, where the academy is located, without his consent.

AceShowbiz -Before it officially opens yet, Kanye West‘s Donda Academy has been smeared with negative headlines. The school is allegedly linked to a missing teen, whose father has grown concerned because he hasn’t heard from his son in 21 days since the teen left North Carolina for California.

Donald Dillingham, the father of teen athlete Robert Dillingham from Combine Academy, tells Hollywood Unlocked that his son was contacted by Kanye himself to join his new Donda Academy. He believes that the rapper pressured his son as the Yeezy designer asked, “Are you coming here or are you going to let it go?” referring to the opportunity. The teen reportedly has since missed classes.

According to the father, a trainer named Rico Grier took the 16-year-old basketball star on a plane to California, where the academy is located, without his permission. He says he only found out about his son’s apparent move with Kanye on TV.

Donald says he has filed a report with police in North Carolina, but the teen’s mother has not shown the same concern. He believes that Kanye promised his son’s mother money, because she never cared about their son’s basketball career before.

Further supporting his speculation, Donald claims he has gotten in contact with an administrator of Donda Academy, Shayla Scott (Director of Athletics & Academics), who told him that she’s been “authorized” by an unknown person not speak to his father. Donald thinks Rico is the one who made the request.

While Donald doesn’t think that Kanye knows all the details regarding his son’s move to California, he wants to make it clear that it’s illegal to take someone’s child without full parental consent. At the end of the day, he wants to know, “What can Donda do for you when they’re not even a real school??”

Donda Academy will reportedly be a private, tuition-free, K-12 school. Kanye reportedly has already enlisted other teens, including Zion Cruz, Jalen Hooks and Jakhi Howard, to join the academy.

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