Alex Jones Confronted With Own Texts In Court, Lawyers Accidentally Leaked

Alex Jones is having a rough go as he sits through a defamation trial brought by Sandy Hook parents — including this cringe-worthy moment … where he was caught in a lie.

The InfoWars founder/host was on the stand Wednesday getting grilled, where an attorney repping the parents who are suing Jones confronted him with his own text messages pertaining to the case — of which he’d previously denied having.

You gotta watch this play out … because it’s pretty embarrassing for AJ. The Sandy Hook lawyer says Jones’ legal team actually sent the stuff over to him … seemingly by mistake.

Jones makes a wisecrack, saying the Sandy Hook attorney was having a “Perry Mason moment” … but was then asked if he knew what perjury was, because the SH lawyer thought he was venturing into consequential waters with his testimony and prior statements.

There’s been a lot of other standout moments in the trial thus far, including the judge chastising Jones for a number of things, like lying … and even chewing gum. Safe to say, it’s not looking great for him right now — and the trial is JUST getting underway.

As for why he’s being sued … Jones is accused of spreading conspiracy theories about the 2012 massacre — suggesting it was all a hoax, and that there were “crisis actors” playing the parts of parents — even going so far as to say that the bodies of the children were staged.

A lot of this was broadcast over InfoWars at the time — and since then, Jones has backed off his theories … but the parents still want him to pay for what he did. Jones, of late, has filed for bankruptcy … and has said that he’s not able to pay any meaningful judgment.

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