Alex Scott ‘loses cool’ on live TV with BBC pundits forced to keep her ‘under control’

As the Lionesses took on Colombia in a close fought battle to secure their place in the Women's World Cup semi-finals, football pundit Alex Scott couldn’t help but find herself distracted by the game unfolding before her eyes.

During an episode of Football Focus, which was airing live while the game was being played, the popular pundit had appeared distracted and tense throughout the broadcast as her attention was clearly on the match being played rather than the discussion at hand.

This tension soon boiled over when Lauren Hemp scored last in the first half of the match to equalise for the Lionesses, prompting Alex to lose her cool completely in the middle of a discussion about Arsenal’s new signing Declan Rice.

As her co-presenter Dion Dublin was discussing the new addition to the team, a distracted Alex was forced to apologise live on air, as she admitted: "Sorry I am getting carried away here, England have just equalised and I am listening to you talk about Declan Rice.

"I tell you this is live TV for you, I told you they had to keep me under control, I've already lost my cool."

Following the admission, fellow pundit Dion along with Ashley Williams stepped in to try and help her to focus on the subject at hand rather than the nail biting match being played.

Despite the awkwardness of the moment however, fans at home couldn’t help but find the entire situation amusing, as they too had been eagerly watching the Lionesses fight for victory, something they ultimately achieved before securing their place in the semi-finals with a score of 2-1.

Taking to social media to express their joy at Alex’s antics, one fan wrote: "I love her.”

Another also echoed the sentiment as they wrote: "Absolutely love it!!”

Before a third fan weighed in adding: "They properly lost control."

While a fourth admitted: "All eyes on the lionesses!! How can you keep your cool?!”

With a fifth van even joking: “Alex Scott is me at work when I hide to watch the games.”

The Lionesses journey to victory hadn’t been smooth sailing during the match, with the team even 1-0 down 44 minutes into the game, before the England women's team managed to pull it back with two goals from Lauren Hemp and Alessia Russo.

Columbia's Leicy Santos was the first player to score in the game, shooting the ball above England goalkeeper Mary Earps' head.

Yet it wasn't until five minutes into injury time at the end of the first half that England scored their first goal, thanks to Lauren Hemp.

The 23-year-old saw an opportunity when Colombian goalkeeper Catalina Perez lost the ball after a failed attempt at a goal from her teammate Alessia Russo.

But Alessia soon went on to redeem herself, as it was the 24-year-old herself who sealed England's place in the semi final, scoring against Daniela Arias, slotting the ball into the bottom left corner.

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