Amy Hart: ‘Everyone’s taken that the wrong way’ Love Island star on Loose Women reaction

Amy Hart, 27, has spoken out about the reaction from viewers and Loose Women panelist Saira Khan, 49, after she shared her plans to become a mother on her own. The Love Island 2019 contestant made her first appearance on the ITV daytime show last week and got onto the subject while discussing fertility tests with the panel. She revealed on the programme: “During my early 20s I was very panicky about not meeting someone because, for me, being a mum is something I definitely want to do in my life, and I had a chat with my mum and she said, ‘Well, if you haven’t met someone by the time you’re 35 then we’d support you to have a baby on your own’. “So for me a fertility test now… knowing if I need to start earlier than 35 or I need to freeze my eggs now, would be really helpful, and I think it would be really helpful for a lot of people who might leave it later and find out they can’t.”

If I don’t meet someone I’m not going to settle for someone who’s not amazing just so I can have a baby.

Amy Hart

Amy’s candid admission was quickly challenged by Saira, who quizzed the reality star about whether she knew exactly how the process “would work”.

The presenter went on to insist: “I don’t think anybody in their right mind would go into single parenting as a choice. I know a lot of single mums and life is so hard for them.”

However, Amy has recently clarified her comments about becoming a single mum, explaining exclusively to “I think everyone’s taken that the wrong way, but if I don’t meet someone I’m not going to settle for someone who’s not amazing just so I can have a baby.

“I’d rather do it on my own. I’ve had so many messages from people saying they’ve done it or they want to do it or they wish they’d done it and it gets the conversation going.”

She added: “I didn’t realise what a big impact going on Loose Women would have in terms of the messages you get back days afterwards about different things you’ve said.”

In spite of some differences of opinion on the subject of single motherhood, Amy gushed about her experience on the show.

The former Islander described her fellow panelists as “so lovely” and added: “The whole team are amazing and so kind.”

Amy also opened up about feeling “nervous” ahead of her debut on the panel, divulging: “It’s a really big TV show and because I’ve been a fan for so many years it was a really big deal for me and it was such a huge accolade.

“I had that extra bit of nerves because it was such a huge deal.”

Elsewhere, the blonde beauty addressed her ex Curtis Pritchard’s, 23, blossoming relationship with Maura Higgins, 28.

The pair coupled up on the ITV2 show after Amy made the decision to leave the villa when the professional dancer broke her heart by ending their romance.

Speaking out about the Irish grid girl’s future with her former “half-boyfriend”, she said: “I hope it does have a future. 

“Obviously I left so Curtis could be happy and Maura does make him happy because they do make each other happy. 

“I think it’s a good basis for a relationship and they both are in similar industries on the outside and their friends are quite similar so it does have a chance of working.” 

When Amy quit the show she spoke to Curtis about her decision in a tearful speech, explaining to her ex:  “I want you to be happy and you’re not going to be able to be happy if I’m still here.

“We’ve built this amazing friendship. Half of our relationship was that we are best, best friends. But we both need to move on. We both need to find someone that is going to make us as happy as we make them.”

She concluded: “You will not be happy here all the time because you we always put me first. And I know you will because you’re such a good person. And that’s why I love you so much – so I’m leaving.”

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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