Amy Schumer Bravely Opens Up To Oprah About By Being Raped In Her Sleep By Ex-Boyfriend

So horrifying! Amy Schumer has bared her soul to Oprah, telling her how she lost her virginity to a boyfriend who raped her while she slept.

This is just heartbreaking. Amy Schumer has revealed that she was raped by a teenage boyfriend and he even stole her virginity while she was sleeping. The 36-year-old comedienne bravely told her story to Oprah Winfrey for an upcoming OWN’s SuperSoul Conversations special. She told the 62-year-old network mogul, “I lost my virginity while I was asleep. So, in my stand-up, I used to talk about — I called it, ‘gray-area rape,’ which was my way of bringing this up in my stand-up… trying to make people laugh while they learned,” Amy revealed.

She continued, “When we hear about rape when we’re children, it’s about a guy popping out from a bush and this villain. They don’t say it’s probably going to be a guy who you know very well. It could be your husband, your friend. You think when that happens to you, you say, ‘Okay, well this isn’t someone I want to see rotting in a jail cell but what he did to me was wrong and I didn’t consent.’ For me I lost my virginity when I was asleep. And that’s not okay. So in my standup I would say ‘If she’s asleep, that’s a no.’” Amy said that if even two guys in the audience remember that line at a show, she has done her job in getting across that having sex with a sleeping woman is rape.

Amy even said that she ended up having empathy for how terrible her boyfriend felt about it, but has remained angry about it.  “The first thing he said was ‘I thought you knew.’ I didn’t say anything yet.” She said she felt bad for how awful he felt, recalling “He was my boyfriend. I loved him. I had to comfort him. I also felt really angry. Which was just a feeling I had. I felt really angry at him. And its a rage that’s stayed with me. I don’t think you lose that. I wanted to comfort him because he felt so bad and was so worried.” Amy added that they eventually did go on to have consensual sex, but the rape where she lost her virginity haunts still haunts her.

“I personally feel like I lost my virginity through rape. I didn’t consent. We hadn’t discussed it. We weren’t there in our relationship. We weren’t there in that moment.  It was a deep betrayal from someone I really trusted,” she told Oprah. Fortunately Amy has gone on to find true love, marrying chef Chris Fischer in Malibu on Valentine’s Day Feb. 14 in front of 80 family members and close friends like Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence.


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