Andrew Ridgeley is in ‘several’ relationships as he talks not being monogamous

Andrew Ridgeley says George Michael ‘outgrew’ Wham!

Wham! star Andrew Ridgeley has opened up about his relationship status, following his recent split from Amanda Cronin. 

Speaking to The Telegraph, he said he is “happily single” but has “several romantic relationships”. 

Explaining all, he spilled: “Love comes in a variety of forms. I had a long-term relationship with Keren [Woodward, of 1980s pop group Bananarama] for many years, and we still have a great affection for each other.

“But at this point in time, I’m not aspiring to a monogamous one, or to commit to a single person for the foreseeable future.”

The singer said his decision was down to his lifestyle making it “tricky” for him to settle for one woman. 

Of his love interests, the Wham! singer added he preferred to keep their identities private. 

“It would be something that one would have to mutually agree if one were to make it public,” he added. 

More to follow….

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