Antonio Sabato Sr. dies at the age of 77 from COVID-19 complications

Grand Prix actor Antonio Sabato Sr. dies at the age of 77 from COVID-19…as son Antonio Sabato Jr. confirms news of his passing on Twitter

Antonio Sabato Sr. has passed away at the age of 77 due to COVID-19 complications, after testing positive for the virus earlier this month.

The Italian-American actor’s son Antonio Sabato Jr., 48, confirmed the news of his father’s death in a message shared to Twitter on January 6.

Antonio was best known for his roles in Escape From The Bronx and Grand Prix, which earned him a nomination for New Star Of The Year at the 1967 Golden Globes.

Ciao: Italian-American actor Antonio Sabato Sr. best known for Grand Prix died on January 6 at the age of 77 due to COVID-19 related complications

Prayers: Antonio Sabato Jr, confirmed the news on twitter as he shared an old photo and wrote, ‘ciao papa’ 

Antonio Sabato Jr., who continually took to Twitter to update fans on his father’s ailing heath, paid homage to his father by uploading an old family photo to Twitter on Wednesday.

‘Ciao Papa,’ wrote Sabato Jr., who is known for his role on the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

In a follow-up tweet, the star noted that he would love and miss his father ‘Always & forever,’ as he continued mourned the late actor.

Days before his passing, Sabato Jr. begged his Twitter followers to ‘please say a prayer for [his] father,’ as he battled COVID-19 at an Intensive Care facility in California.

 Father-son duo: The Bold and the Beautiful actor took to Twitter to give his followers updates on his father’s condition over the course of two days until his ultimate passing; pictured 2003

Intensive care: The Grand Prix actor seemed to decline over two days as Antonio tweeted that he was in ‘intensive care with covid’

‘My papa/dad is in intensive care with covid in California. Lord keep him surrounded by angels and pure God’s love & strength within,’ he wrote.

On January, 5, the actor returned to Twitter to give his following another update that highlighted the severity of his father’s state. 

‘My papa/dad is fighting for his life and not doing good and we can’t even see him or be next to him.’

‘Dear Lord, You are the God of the Impossible! There is nothing You cannot do. I come to You now, desperate for a healing miracle for my papa. Thank you Jesus,’ with prayer hand emojis. 

Fighting for his life: Sabato Jr. lamented the fact that he and his family could not ‘even see him or be next to him,’ as he battled for his life with COVID-19

His condition was seemingly grim as the immense prayers did not work as he battled for his life. 

Sabato Jr. continued to remember his dad as he wrote, ‘The number one, our great dad Antonio Sabato “The Best”, ‘ while sharing a photo of the actor in his heyday. 

The younger Sabato – who is an avid Trump supporter – has been publicly vocal about his views against face masks when it comes to the looming coronavirus. 

On the same day he asked for ‘prayers’ for his father, he shared a screenshot that said, ‘Science says healthy people should not wear masks,’ as it listed reasons against wearing a face covering.  

Mask off: The younger Sabato – who is an avid Trump supporter – has been publically vocal about his beliefs against wearing a face mask to prevent the spread of Coronavirus; pictured July 2018

He continued to share a photo of him and Trump and wrote, ‘He is my President the greatest actually and he will lead our country and the world technically for the next 4 years!,’ despite the fact that Trump in fact lost the election. 

The actor who considers himself a member of the Patriot Party, continued to take issue with the Twitter’s suspension of Trump’s account as he said:

‘You evil dirtbags Twitter jacka**es. Just please suspend all of us who support The Greatest President in History @realdonaldtrump and cut to the chase. Have a good time.’ 

He proceeded to rant about President-elect Joe Biden calling him, ‘a fraud and a liar and a disgrace just like his friends Twitter Facebook Ig,’ while adding ‘TRUMP WON BY A LANDSLIDE.’  

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