Baby Neil from Gavin and Stacey is now ten and James Corden can’t believe it

Gavin and Stacey fans will remember baby Neil as the blue-eyed son of Smithy and Nessa.

He was the unplanned baby that turned Smithy’s life upside down and saw him feud with Nessa’s fiancé Dave Coaches.

But now the chubby-cheeked baby is 10 years old – and James Corden, who played Smithy in the BBC comedy series, can’t believe it.

"Holy S**t," The Late Late Show host tweeted after seeing a recent picture of the lad.

It’s a stark reminder that the Gavin and Stacey episode when Nessa gives birth to Neil aired for the first time over a decade ago.

Lewis Merchant, who played Neil in the 2008 Christmas special episode is now all grown up.

The season finale of series two originally aired on BBC One on April 20 2008, with Nessa and Smithy’s baby being introduced on that day.

Lewis’ mum Emily, 34, told Wales Online : “We are massive fans of the show and were so excited when we got the call!

“His friends all know and he loves watching the Xmas special every year.”

Fans of the show will remember the characters of Smithy and Dave Coaches arguing over what team Neil should support, Cardiff City or West Ham United, but it seems that Neil is in fact a Swansea Jack!

However, he does still own the Hammers kit that Smithy gave him in that Christmas episode.

Lewis, 10, who goes to Hendrefoilan primary school in Killay, would be keen to reprise his role in the sitcom, according to his mum.

“He’d love to be in the show again,” she said.

“His sister would hate that unless she got a part too!”

Lewis has gone on to star on stage in Swansea, playing the role of Peter Pan as part of an amateur dramatics group, but his main love is football and Swansea City.

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