I Baked Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Wedding Cake & It Was Only Kind Of A Disaster

You’ve been there before: You’re scrolling through your Instagram feed when you see your favorite celeb post about their favorite new product — a face serum, vitamins that will make your skin brighter, or a specialty food service. You can’t help but want to be like the stars, but are the products worth it? In Elite Daily’s new series, I Tried, we put it all to the test. We’re trying those products as well as celebrities’ health and wellness tips, recipes, and life hacks. We’ll do the leg work and tell you what living like your fave star is really like.

On May 19, Prince Harry is marrying Meghan Markle, and it’s an occasion for the whole world to celebrate, obviously. Unfortunately, my wedding invite got lost in the mail, so I won’t get to eat the actual lemon elderflower wedding cake Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are having, but when Washington Post reporter Becky Krystal published a recipe for a similar cake, I saw an opportunity to make my own tribute to the royal couple. I’m not a regular baker, but I have watched a lot of The Great British Bake Off, so I figured I was totally equipped to recreate a royal wedding cake. How hard could it be, right?

Wrong. So wrong. Making a tiered cake — including the frosting and filling and decorating — is not for the weak. But, if you soldier through, you can get… something on a platter. And that’s just what I did. I got something on a platter. (Well, a plate. I’m a millennial in New York; I don’t own a platter.)

The first hint that maybe I wasn’t ready for this challenge was in the name of the cake. Do you know what elderflower is? I did not. I still do not, but I do know you can get a bottle of elderflower cordial through Amazon Prime, so thanks for that, Bezos. The second hint that maybe I wasn’t ready? The flour in my cabinet had an expiration date in 2016. Whoops! Still, between Amazon, a grocery store, and a liquor store (St-Germain, another elderflower-related thing), I had everything I needed. With my boyfriend tentatively watching from the couch (he asked if I wanted help; I told him it was a one-woman bake-off challenge), I got to work.

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