Bella Hadid Slams Drake After His Scorpion Lyrics Imply They Dated: It’s ‘Not Me’ & ‘Disprespectful’

Bella Hadid is fully denying rumors that she dated Drake after his new song ‘Finesse’ heavily implies they did! Read her reaction to the song here!

Bella Hadid might be more upset than Drake is in “I’m Upset” — and it all has to do with one his newest songs on his Scorpion album that implies the two dated. In response to lyrics in “Finesse” where Drake sings “Should I do New York, I can’t decide, Fashion Week is more your thing than mine” and “You and your sister/Too hot to handle,” Bella is now fighting back rumors that the Fashion Week-loving mystery woman with a hot sister is herself. Taking to Twitter, Bella wrote, “Not me!!!🤷🏻‍♀️that’s disrespectful. WHY CANT PPL BE FRIENDS W/o all the insinuation 🤭🧐😩🤬”.

So, there you have it. Bella was only friends with Drake and nothing more, so she claims. So, if it’s not Bella referenced in “Finesse”… who is? Luckily for all of you sleuths out there, he’s been romantically associated with so many celebs. In fact, another model with a hot sister that Drake has been rumored to date in the past is Kendall Jenner. Could it be her? We’ll keep you posted as we get down to the bottom of this mystery.

However, there’s one person Drake has a history with that really loved his double album. None other than Chris Brown showed support for Drizzy’s latest music — despite the fact that the two are frenemies after they’ve both dated Rihanna. Chris actually regrammed Drake’s Instagram post of the album art and announcement that Scorpion was dropping on June 29 on his IG stories, letting all of his fanbase know about Drizzy’s newest alum. We’ll keep you posted as the celebs mentioned or referenced in Scorpion continue to speak out against his lyrics or show their love for his new work.

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