Blac Chyna Sues Kylie Jenner For Back Profits, Per ‘Daily Mail’

In the lawsuit, Blac Chyna claims that Kylie Jenner “interfered” with the production of her reality series.

Blac Chyna has been snatching Kardashian/Jenner wigs since she came onto the scene, and her ultimate wig-snatch came when she gave birth to Dream Renée Kardashian.

Now, the stripper-turned-entrepreneur is snatching Kardashian/Jenner wigs again, this time by filing a lawsuit against Kylie Jenner for back profits.

According to the Daily Mail, Blac Chyna claims that when her series, Rob and Chyna, was canceled by E! Networks, Kylie’s show Life of Kylie took the slot.

And, in the lawsuit, Chyna alleges that this was done on purpose: she claims that the money Kylie was paid for her show was obtained through “unlawful means of interference,” specifically by having Rob and Chyna canceled so she could have her own show.

In addition to Kylie, Chyna also named Kris Jenner and Kardashian siblings Kim, Rob, and Khloe in the lawsuit, claiming that they “sabotaged” her show with Rob.

This recent lawsuit filing goes hand-in-hand with Chyna’s claim that Rob Kardashian Jr. personally asked his mother, his sisters, and the network not to cancel his show with his then-girlfriend.

Chyna also alleges that one of the Kardashian sisters called her “toxic,” and claimed that she was “thriving” off of the exposure while “abusing” Rob. (Chyna didn’t specify which Kardashian sister made this claim.)

But Blac Chyna — whose real name is Angela Renee White — also claims that the Kardashian/Jenners are a “powerful” clan who are not to be crossed, and who will use “their fame, wealth and power to take you down” if you cross them.

Chyna has had a contentious relationship with the Kardashians ever since her ex-boyfriend, Tyga, left her for Kylie Jenner. Chyna, who began dating the rapper after they met on the set of his “Rack City” music video shoot, shares a son, King Cairo Stevenson, with him.

King was born in 2012, and Chyna split from Tyga in 2014.

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— Kylie Jenner (@KylieJenner) May 1, 2018

Prior to their falling out — which was further cemented when Chyna began dating Rob Kardashian, Jr. — Kylie and Chyna were friends. Their relationship completely soured after Dream Kardashian was born in 2016.


— Blac Chyna (@BLACCHYNA) March 25, 2018

Neither representatives for Kylie Jenner, nor Blac Chyna, have commented on this latest bit of lawsuit drama.

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