Blake Lively Plays Hangman On Instagram, Fans Freak Out

Blake Lively sent her fans into a frenzy by playing hangman on Instagram.

Blake Lively had an entertaining evening on her personal Instagram tonight. While she may have had a fun night, her fans were sent into a frenzy by the hangman game that was going down on her account. There were four words in the puzzle, but up to this point in time, no reports have come out about what the hangman game was all about.

Everything began just a few short hours ago with Lively posting a picture of a sheet of paper with the game already set up on it. Fans immediately started trying to guess what secret message she could be trying to send out through the game.

“another baby on the way I reckon,” an Instagram user by the username hollymchardy commented on the first photo.

She did post a second photo shortly after the first, filling in the first letter of the hangman puzzle. The first letter of the first word, which is four letters, was “W.” Many immediately jumped to the conclusion that Lively was about to announce that she and her husband, Ryan Reynolds, were having another baby.

Following the second photo, another Instagram user attempted to solve the puzzle.

“What happens in Vegas?” was the guess that jennkelly23 commented on the photo.

Another fan asked the question that almost everyone wants to know, which is “Will tequila be there?”

Adding the pregnancy fuel was the fact that the first word is four letters, which could read “we’re.” The second word looks to be eight letters, which the word “pregnant” could fit into. Whether those two words are what Lively had in mind or not remains to be seen.

Who wants to play??… ????️‍♂️

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There is no telling what Lively was doing with these two photos. We might not have seen the last of her Instagram fun, but fans can’t take too much more of the craziness. Fans need answers and she certainly hasn’t given them many clues.

Lively has not posted since those two photos went up on her Instagram account. Perhaps she is done playing her game of hangman with her fans, but maybe we’ll see another letter or two pop up in the near future.

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