Brian Cox thinks Meghan Markle had an ‘ambition’ to marry Prince Harry

Brian Cox is a socialist, a republican, a Scottish independence proponent, activist and an actor. In interviews, he’s never shied away from sharing his political opinions or his opinions on how the British monarchy should end. He thinks Scotland should be independent and that the Windsors should be put on an ice floe and set adrift in the Atlantic. I’m surprised he even has opinions about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the two people who left the sh-tshow and are now making their own money and paying taxes. But here we are. Cox was recently interviewed in Haute Living New York to promote Succession, and he had some sh-t to say about the Sussexes.

Actor Brian Cox claims Meghan Markle ‘knew what she was getting into’ when she married into the Royal Family as he repeats his call for the monarchy to be abolished. The Succession star, 76, criticised the Duchess for entering the family with an expectation that she and Prince Harry could ‘cut themselves off’ from the established ‘system’.

Mr Cox, speaking with Haute Living New York, accused Meghan of having ‘ambitions’ to join the family and alleged she may have had childhood dreams of marrying Prince Charming. Furthermore, the actor, who has previously pushed for abolition of the monarchy, reiterated that the traditional entity is ‘not viable’ and ‘doesn’t make any sense’.

Mr Cox, addressing the ongoing controversies surrounding Megxit, claimed that while people think there’s an ‘innocence’ about the Sussexes, he believes Meghan was fully aware that she was inserting herself into a longstanding system.

‘You can’t go into a system where somebody’s already been trained to behave in a certain kind of way and then just expect them to cut themselves off,’ he told the outlet. ‘I mean, she knew what she was getting into.’

The Emmy-award winner also claimed that Meghan ‘clearly’ had an ‘ambition’ when she married Harry.

‘The childhood dreams of marrying Prince Charming and all that s**t we see as fantasy that could be our lives in our dreams,’ he argued, calling himself a ‘Cinderella person.’

Despite him criticising Meghan for seeming disrupting the royal system, Mr Cox added: ‘In my opinion, we shouldn’t have a monarchy. It’s not viable; it doesn’t make any sense.’

He said that although royalists would say the system is a ‘tradition,’ his thoughts are ‘f**k it, move on.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I’ve been looking for the full interview but it doesn’t look like it’s been released online quite yet. My guess is that Haute Living sent out some excerpted quotes and the Mail cherry-picked the “worst” ones for the Sussexes. For what it’s worth, I bet in the full context, Cox is being much more critical of the monarchy than the Sussexes. Just a few months ago, he indicated that he believed that the Windsors treated Harry and Meghan poorly and “something clearly traumatic went on for the pair of them.I don’t think they made it up, I don’t think it’s false. I think it’s true and should’ve been rectified, and it hasn’t.” Now, can he say that and also suggest that Meghan had a princess fantasy? Sure. Because I think it’s true – Meghan did have a princess fantasy, or more like “wow, I can use the royal platform to do amazing work like Harry’s mother.” And then it all came crashing down.

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