Brigitte Macron Wouldn't Want to Trade Places with Melania Trump

After visiting the president and Melania Trump at the White House earlier this week, attending the couple’s first official state dinner, it’s safe to say that France’s First Lady, Brigitte Macron, wouldn’t want to walk a mile in Trump’s signature Manolo Blahniks. 

In a new interview with Le Monde, Macron reveals that she’s sympathetic toward FLOTUS’s restricted lifestyle, saying that she feels sorry for her lack of privacy. “Melania can’t do anything, she can’t even open a window in the White House,” Macron said. “She can’t put her nose out. Me, every day, I’m out in Paris.”


It’s true, even former First Lady Michelle Obama commented on how excited she was to breathe in fresh air after leaving the White House, telling late-night host Stephen Colbert: “I can’t open my windows. One day as a treat, my lead agent let me have the windows open on the way to Camp David. It was like five minutes out, and he was like, ‘The windows open. Enjoy it!’ I was like, ‘Thanks, Alan.’”

Another downfall Macron noticed during her visit is how much Melania is scrutinized for her seemingly steely personality. She offered up a reason as to why the former model appears this way to the public, blaming Washington, D.C. “Everything was very framed, there were small labels on the ground, I put myself where I had to put myself,” she said. 


Given the media’s impression of Melania, Macron saw a much different woman, describing her as “nice and charming, intelligent and very open.” 

She doubled down on her position: “Everything is interpreted, over-interpreted. She is a woman who has a lot of character, but who is keen to hide it. She laughs very easily about everything, but she shows it less than me.”

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